The EMC Noob (To the tune of jingle bells)

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  1. DISCLAIMER: The following is not based on real events and thus sympathy towards the writer for enduring these events is not necessary. :)

    From time to time I dabble into some writing. Once in a blue moon, that writing ends up being lyric replacement for a song. Below is my EMC parody of Jingle Bells. Hope you all enjoy.

    The EMC Noob (To the tune of Jingle Bells)

    Jingle bells jingle bells
    Happy days are here.
    Being over on EMC
    Bring me Christmas cheer.

    Jingle bells jingle bells
    I can't wait to play.
    Give me one Marlix's Bow
    And I am off to slay.

    I go out to mine.
    Sword bow and all.
    Then i run into
    An angry Blizz Ard.

    I turn tail to flee
    As raging mobs chase me.
    But i run into a Marlix
    And become an ornament.

    Jingle bells jingle bells.
    I think I got screwed.
    My Christmas presents got stolen
    By an angry scrooge.

    Jingle bells jingle bells
    Enraged mobs be mad.
    Zombie skele creeper
    And them **** Blizz Ards too.

    So diamond runs are out.
    I go home to reequip.
    I then go nether-bound
    To hunt a few Ghasts.

    But then my eyes do see
    A pack of flaming wolves.
    They saw me and chased me
    Straight into a lava pool.

    Jingle bells jingle bells
    I got bar-be-qued.
    Their Christmas dinner seems
    To be completed by me.

    Jingle bells jingle bells
    A Mometus it was not.
    Breathing easy I then go
    To finish my storage.

    When I arrived at home
    what do my eyes but see
    A fourth wooden chest
    under the Christmas tree.

    It was signed to me
    But did not have a name.
    I then open it up to find
    A chest of awesome loot.

    Jingle bells jingle bells
    Happy days are here.
    Being over on EMC
    Brings me Christmas cheer.

    Jingle bells jingle bells
    You guys are all awesome!
    I love playing on this server
    and alongside all of you!
  2. Haha, nice! :)
  3. WOW. that was awesome
  4. I can't believe I missed this last month! :eek:

    This is a really funny writeup. I suppose I should head out into the wild to see if I can find that Elfin ornament ;)

    Nice going, love this!
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  5. Funniest part.