The Eastern Republic [Outpost]

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  1. With inspiration from former great outposts on smp9,
    the Eastern Republic is the culmination of multiple months work,
    to create the ultimate political experiment on Empire Minecraft.

    A number of us have been working for the past few months to perfect a system that we believe will support our political experiment. We believe that we've learnt from the lessons of past experiments and have crafted a constitution and political system beforehand.

    The Eastern Republic is a federation, united under one name and governed through representation of all of our citizens. Our capital and first state are located in the east wild region of smp9, however we are glad to accommodate states from anywhere on EMC.

    Anyone may claim citizenship to the Eastern Republic and they will be welcomed with open arms.

    The citizens of the Eastern Republic are represented through the National Assembly, our supreme legislative body. The affairs of our nation are governed by the First Minister, with the confidence of the majority of the National Assembly. Our President is our uniting figure and keeps a watchful eye over the proceedings of the government and the rest of the nation. Any citizen of the Eastern Republic may participate in government at any level.

    Our constitution is complete and publicly available to read here. It is a bit of a long read, but it outlines exactly how our great experiment shall operate. The following posts shall explain in greater detail how this will work.

    We hope that you are interested and if you want to join, just post here! :D
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  2. How to get out to our capital, Volt

    The capital of the Eastern Republic is the City of Volt. Located in the eastern smp9 wilderness, Volt is in close proximity of other states of the Eastern Republic, and also the great wild city of Wrem and nation of Estona.

    Getting to Volt is easy as long as you have a minecart. At the east outpost travel north and on an ice lake to your left and still inside the protected spawn zone, you will find a nether portal. Through this portal you will find railway lines to multiple outposts, including Volt. Get on the Volt line and go. When you arrive, go through the nether portal and you will arrive in the central station of Volt! Locals or anyone in this thread will be more than happy to help you find your way there or show you around when you do get there.
  3. The Government of the Eastern Republic
    Currently, the Eastern Republic has an interim government with limited powers. The first elections must be held by the 12th of November. The current members of the government can be seen below.

    Current Government
    Interim President: mba2012
    Interim First Minister: SoulPunisher
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  4. Heading there now.
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  5. Awesome, hope to see you there sometime soon! :D
  6. I've already set up.
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  7. Heya, just requesting a small amount of aid, any you can. Just about all the major monuments in Maximus city were greatly destroyed/grieved including one whole sky scraper.

  8. That looks a bit like it could be tnt griefing to me. I can't get on for a few hours, but I'll see what I can do when I do.
  9. I'll take a look
  10. I don't think the main hall is TNT'd.
    The glass is still intact.
    I think they used a pick, for the blocks
  11. Sir, I believe I can confirm this was done manually.
  12. Anyone from this group online right now?
  13. Who is the head official of Maximus?
  14. Onetoad (usually on around 9-10PM EST) wildbeast23 (around 9am-12pm) or myself but I will have to talk next week in out at camp
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  15. I'd just like to point out that Estona is not a part of the Eastern Republic, so I'd recommend if you want to discuss what happens there, you should go to their thread.
  16. I have set up a locked chest with access for devon699 or onetoad and myself on the bridge near the government chest. Inside is my donation to help with some repair work. I took some time to wander around town and would like to say it is a beautiful place. I am surprised that someone would do that damage to such a wonderful place.

    Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day.

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  17. Thanks man, the city is almost 3 years in the making and we strive to make it as detailed as possible, we would love to see more activity around the east though
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  18. Major expansions planned for Volt City, stay tuned for more info!
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