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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am the ruler of a awsome wilderness community that is rapidly growing. I will be posting updates along with the other people who live there. Here is a few details to get us started.

    We are located on smp1, and own an island on the west side of the western outpost. We have a powerful and effective military that gaurds us from mobs and greifers alike. We are currantly building a mega mall on my res. 838. it will be used to get profit from all of our hard work.

    Thats all for now. Feel free to ask Q's.

    Best Regards,
  2. No. No, you don't.
    ICC says the wild is everyone's land. The most you can do is claim sovereignty, as the New Republic is doing, and hope somebody recognizes that.
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  3. 72V is correct. And to add to that, you should understand that using PVP - even against griefers! - is not allowed. Instead, contact a staff member, whether that be in-game or on the forums and they will see what they can do.

    Good luck with your outpost, though. :)
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  4. His military may not be using PvP. The New Republic shall have a military/police force which will enforce the laws and the Ten Commandments, as well as ensuring safety for citizens by lighting areas and killing mobs, and serving ceremonial roles.
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  5. Yes we do claim sovereignty, mostly due to the fact that in that area no one is activly established. Our military does just that protect from mobs and light the land no PvP is allowed but we take every precaution against greifing and stealing. for example anyone that comes to our island get monitered constantly, two greifers have been banned due to our precautionary steps.
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  6. So the new republic huh? we are building a UN so to speak, and we want to recognize the New Republic and other wilderness kingdoms to establish trade and increase prosperity for all, if you are the Ruler of a kingdom then pm me and we will work out the details.

    Best Regards,
  7. You can't "claim" half of a outpost. EMC will just do what we did to 72Volt, laugh at you, and keep going,
  8. we claim the major part of the outpost not the whole thing. you laugh now, but we dont plan on quiting
  9. Perfect. I will go to the West side of the West Outpost, set up a camp, and announce that it is a separate state from yours. This area would then be open to any member of EMC.
  10. very good sir. but keep in mind that unless you get more profit and members than us, then there wont be much interest in your "state".
  11. Explain to me how already established camps are going to be treated? Attempting to "overrun" them will most likely end up with you getting banned, and its not like any of these people will want to join you anyhow. Also, what happens when someone going out into the black areas? Those areas we're not there when you "claimed ownership" over them, so they would not be in you're control. I am going to be honest with you. This was obviously not thought out for more than 10 minutes.
  12. You are basically saying, "HA we own this part of a public land area!"
    That would be like trying to buy the Mall in Washington D.C.
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  13. and i am going to be honest with you, we have no intention of overruning another establishment, also the black areas are not a concern. our purpose is to create a fun but wilderness environment for other members.
  14. By claiming ownership over public land?
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  15. thats very funny we have no intencion of "Owning" a public land, land is a thing that comes with creating a kingdom and establishing a gov.
  16. No one has lasted with a King forever, all Kings have forced the people into Revolutions, thus removing them from power.
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  17. if you wish to argue out details then pm me this is an update thread.
  18. Argue? No my Kingship, these are questions!
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  19. yes i can see that the statement above is false and i think we need to revaluate this whole owning thing.