The Color Blue and You (+50k) [Contest]

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  1. So I was thinking. The color blue is cool. I also know there are a lot of people out there who are like 'I really do not have the time to build anything'. Well, then this contest is for you! 48 hours from the time of this posting, submissions will be closed. Instructions are as follows:

    • Create something 'Blue Themed'. Can be anything, as long as I look at it and think "yeah... that's blue alright".
    • Start from scratch - no already built things will be accepted.
    • Must be on EMC. No creative or SSP.
    • Please post your pictures here.
    • You have 48 hours. Visit to check how long there is left.
    • I will pick the winner. So play to your audience.
    • There is 48 hours for submissions, and 24 hours for judging.
    • Prize: the easiest 50k you will ever earn.
    • No staff. I mean it.
    • You can build with someone else, but the person who posts the picture wins the prize. It's up to you to split the prize up together.

    Who knows.. maybe I will do more colors. Have loads of fun!
  2. Something different and cool :)
  3. What if i rebuild my Tardis again?
  4. ha... no.
  5. but technically it will be an new build...and it's disqualifying it, you aren't being very fair =P
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  6. I am disqualifying you... no staff builds... I will add it to the OP :).
  7. That's no fun. My brother is too busy to build it for me...bad timing...I will have to skip this contest then...
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  8. Once I finish my spanish, I'm going to death's wool farm and getting a ton of blue wool, be prepared smooch :p
  9. Look up. That's the sky. On my res you can see the sky. The sky is blue. The sky is on my res. I submit the sky.
  10. wait smooch do you want this or this?
  11. Untitled.png

    Not my design, but i just built this cause i saw this and was bored lol :p

    Scanned over the thread saw this , heading to my ps3 now....god
  12. What res just to confirm it's on Emc :)
  13. 18238
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  14. Just checked your residence, the sky is black. Invalid.
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  15. ¿Tú gusta el español? :p
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  16. No.
  17. Mi no abla ingles.
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  18. Time to build something blue and ironic.

  19. ...da ba dee da ba dai da ba dee dabadai.
    ____ velvet, if you please.
    I see skies of _____ and clouds of white and I think to myself....

    Ok, that's enough.

    Oh, and you're no fun - blue is my favorite color. And lapis is shaun's favorite block. You could at least let us play. We don't need the rupskis.

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