The Black Pearl

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  1. so, i have come to the conclusion i want to build the Black Pearl in my Utopia res.. i think i am going to need A LOT of jungle wood, and pine wood, cobble, black wool, glowstone, and glass, fence, ladders, trap doors, sand, water buckets and torches.
    so i'll be looking for those, if anyone has a shop that has a bunch of each, please let me know.. also if you are the kind that likes to donate to projects, i'd be accepting that as well, i will also keep the thread up to date with my progress :)
  2. What black pearl, i dont know what youre sayin
  3. Mother god... Avast me hardies! The black pearl she be comin' her way! Prepare to light the cannons!
    Where can I donate glowstone too?
    You can also buy FAIRLY priced items in 10030

    I hope were in the same page... lol
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  4. She's talking about the black pearl in the pirates of the caribbean I'm guessing.
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  5. Oh lol! XD
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  6. Yes, you are correct!
  7. The Black Wind is cooler.
  8. Ahem, where can I donate? :)
  9. would you like me to meet you at your res to pick up said items? :)
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  10. For sure :)
  11. and what server would both places be located?
  12. All of them is in SMP5
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  13. same res number for both?
  14. i am still in need of black wool, pine wood, jungle wood, glowstone, fencing, ladders, trap doors, and torches. Does anyone sell mass amounts of these items/would like to donate to a project

    thanks thecontroller for donating a couple stacks of a few items, much needed :)
  15. I can get to work down at the jungle outpost and bring you a ton of black wool and jungle wood.
  16. Grrrr you beat me to it Secret lol I will make alot more black sheep at the farms, lol and i cut two of my pine lvls on smp5
  17. Can I have a jar of dirt..? :3
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  18. By the way, How much wood do you need? I have a few forests that I refarm in utopia.. :3
  19. Here.
  20. I was thinking that you were going to say, "Just so long as we don't have to guess what is inside it.." but that works too.. xD