The Biggest Library on EMC Ever.

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  1. Hello, Today I would like to introduce a project to all of you that I have wanted to build on for quite awhile.
    An EMC Library. It's pretty simple. A massive collection of books, written on EMC or in the real world, and a collection of videos. I would like to have every book written on EMC in our collection by the end of the year.
    Mostly because it will be AWESOME! A big building that gives you the ability to read as much as you would like, on EMC! It would contain volumes unknown to the real world and would be right at your fingertips.
    There's a lot involved in this project. This also gives a lot of room for community involvement! This really won't work without all of your help. We are going to start by collecting books. Tons of books, both written and signed books and book and quils, and put them all in chests for safe keeping while the library is under construction. Once the library is completed all the written volumes will be copied so there is at least 2 copies of everything and opened for check out. Then we will start transcribing books that are not in MC form yet to MC form (with author permission of course).
    I would like to build this grand library in the wild of smp9. More specifically at an outpost called Volt. Check out the thread here. I will need help designing a building. If you are good with design please contact me here (don't forget to add my name, rock00888, 2 0s and 3 8s).
    How can you help?
    You can help with this. There is a lot that has to be done and I guarantee that there's something you can help with. We need lots of rupees to fund the project so if you would like to make a donation your contributions would be very helpful. We also need other donations such as books, feathers, ink sacs, and building materials. These are just as valuable as rupees. If you are more into the getting your hands dirty help there's also tons of work to be done there, just PM me (here's the link Don't forget to add my name!)
    All contributions are appreciated.
    Also, if you like this project but don't wanna get involved directly perhaps you could add it to your signature?
    Here's the link to this thread!
    and you can edit your signature here.
    Here's our progress:
    Building design, incomplete
    Goal, Completion
    Construction, not started
    Goal, Completion
    Volumes collected, 22
    Goal, 1,000
    Rupees raised, 500
    Goal, 10,000
    Project members
    Thanks for reading!
  2. Wow cool
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  3. This will be really cool, cant wait!!
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  4. :D Just make sure people give the books back :p
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  5. lol, ya
  6. I would reccomend not building it in the wild. people like to use flint and steel
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  7. ya, building it in the wild is a bit of a risk, but I think it will make it easier to access the information for people from other servers and will allow for growth of the collections without significant renovations.
  8. Just watch out. Many projects have been made similar "Empire Museum!" "Empire Jail" "Empire Bookstore". Only few have actually succeeded.

    Good Luck.
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  9. Made some modifications to the end of the first post to show progress
  10. Make a deposit system, any good person won't mind paying 1000r if they will get it back but that will stop the crooks.
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  11. Good idea. It will probably be lower to allow everyone to access them but high enough that they are not worth stealing. Maybe 200r.
  12. Easier? How would putting it out in the wild make it easier? I grant you the wild is a much better place for impressive buildings, being able to construct them freely and without size restrictions, but I can't think of any sensible reason why the contents of such a library are better off in the wilderness.

    Usually when I see "library" or "books" as a thread subject, my interest is piqued immediately. However, I think this might be the first library endeavor I haven't openly supported. :confused:
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  13. I would like it in the wilderness because it does not restrict it's size or design. It also makes transfer of books a lot easier. Rather than having to deliver or create access chests in town we can just drop them in a locked chests or put them in a hidden chest. The contents themselves are harder to store in the wild but beyond that I think it is the better choice. I really don't see why this wouldn't get you pumped...
    • Night/Day cycle matters. Anyone interested in the library who isn't already a Volt resident will need to make the trip out, at their own peril.
    • Distribution method:
      • Unlocked chests are entirely trust-based, you can never know exactly who has what book when, and they could easily be stolen or destroyed.
      • Locked chests would be accessible only at the schedule of those whose names are on the chest-lock. Secure, but certainly not easier.
    • Delivery. Again, wilderness travel isn't as simple or convenient as /v (res #)
    • Mail doesn't work in the wild. No need to fuss with an access chest, mailing books is free, but it only works in town. This is by far the easiest transfer I can think of, since it's even functional cross-server.
    • Shop signs don't work in the wild. You could 'rent' a book out for specific rupees and offer buyback at the same price, thus always knowing who's taken what book and when, and if it was returned. Instead, the wilderness limits you to the above distribution methods.
    Basically, I don't see this working in a way that's safe or efficient for the purpose. Sure you can build something nicer in the wild than in town, but you're sacrificing function for it. Personally, I believe that the books are the most important part, not what the building looks like (or how big it is). People don't seem to realize just how much you can do with a 60x60 plot...
  14. I have basically made a system that works well for everyone to get books.
    1. people request a book in game on the forums or in a PM
    2. The request is confirmed and a delivery point is arranged
    3. after the deposit is paid the book is delivered
    4 After the book is returned people get their rupees back.

    The wild has some obstacles but they are not as difficult to overcome as it may seem. We also have numerous rail systems set up to make travel to our area of the wild very easy.
  15. I think there are some obstacles to overcome in the wilderness for a project like this but they are not impossible. I support anything that will get more players visiting or moving to the Eastern Wilderness Territories of smp9!

    Also, Volt is very easy to get to with a nice secure Nether rail system so visiting from town won't be a terrible trip for most. :)
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  16. 12 more volumes collected!