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Do you want to have backpacks in EMC?

Yes 7 vote(s) 50.0%
No 7 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Its been long enough... We have ALL thought of it... The greatness the good the awful and the most important one the handy! There are SO many things that would be great about the backpacks that are yet to come..

    We have been waiting long enough.. Its time to speak up! WE. WANT. BACKPACKS.

    Use the poll to cast your vote and let your voice be heard!

    (Dont take this too seriously I mean no offense to any staff/member nor emc itself. It is just a dramatic way of asking for backpacks :p )
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  2. How do you mean?
    Are you referencing the Shulker Boxes? If so, we'll have to wait until 1.11 fully arrives before most of the work on getting EMC updated to it can start.
  3. Patience young grasshopper...

    Soon we'll be upgraded to Minecraft 1.11 which will give us Shulker Boxes. These are basically single chests (sort off) which can be broken and picked up, while they keep their contents. Even using your hands. So basically one slot of your inventory can then hold one SC worth of items.

    The best part (IMO) you can place these everywhere. On the ground, against a wall, on the ceiling, whatever. Place, open, take items (or put them in) and destroy & pick up again :)

    A true Ender Backpack! :)
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  4. Pffs.. I knew that .... :rolleyes:

    Hehe, Anyway thank you for the feedback guys <3
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  5. I thought this was a thread to share pictures of your backpacks. I was very confused as to why anyone would make a thread like that.
  6. Meta is life, backpacks are on their way xD #themoreyouknow #sayingthesamethingwithaliltwist
  7. We could do that lol... Only problem is that I dont have a backpack irl :eek: