The Art of Randomness

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  1. Randomness is an art. It can be one of those artworks that just look like a piece of paper has lost a fight with a bucket of paint or it can look like some strange new world.
    Randomness can be a conversation about gerbils and then suddenly someone says that they prefer dogs. ;)
    It can be you changing your favourite colour that moment.
    It could be a pencil behind an ear.
    It could be someone laughing without reason.
    -Something done without a plan.

    Anyway Randomness is an art that is little appreciated. It is our tendency to be random that inspire others, make them laugh....
    :pInspire us. Make us laugh. Get a picture from google images or something...
  2. The Art of Randomness
    The Movie
    The Helmet
    Protection IV
    Unbreaking III
    Thorns III
    Respiration III
    Aqua Affinity I

    ...does this count as random? :D
    I mean, it's possible to get such a helmet, but why would you want Thorns on it? xD
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  3. Its perfect ChrisFlareon
  4. I like Ocelots and my shop is going to sell them too :)

    But here's a noodle for you: is this random or was this triggered by your comment about dogs? Probably not because in-game those are called wolves.

    When was the last time you milked a cow in-game?

    A Creeper does b00m!

    And 3 bowls for only 5r, what is stopping you?
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  5. I used to have one but the wheel fell off mine, especially on a Thursday :)
  6. tinykate's profile pic looks like a horse with a weird tail :D
  7. I'd like to go on a little rant about the randomness of the number 7. Every number has a connotation... 1 is the number of triumph, 2 the number of derpiness, 3 the number of fate and fairy tales... but 7? 7 is the number of randomness. When people want to seem "random" while choosing a number, they pick the number 7. However, as a direct result of this, 7 has become rather unrandom, with a higher percentage of being chosen then numbers such as 4, 6, 8, or 9. Purposely choosing the number 7 to be random has opened a paradox in that the choice is no longer random because not all numbers have an equal chance, making 7 the least random of all numbers. This is one of the world's great faults, and we should fix this. From here on out, if you want to seem random, use a random number generator, people! :p

    Hope you enjoyed this random ramble about randomness.
  8. These are masterpieces!
  9. This is so deep:eek: I can't even odd at the moment. From the beginning of the end to the end of not the beginning but the middle, the end is not the end of this sentence.
  10. The Jungles Of Randomness by Ivars Peterson - If you're into the maths of randomness. :eek:

  11. Typed in Random on google images, this is one of the first things that showed up.
    In retrospect this was not very random...
  12. Well, by your definition of random, I'm very random. When with friends, that is.
  13. *In the middle of New York City Kate has a dance-off because she is THAT random*
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  14. True story?
  15. I wish it was. :p
  16. You're a wizard Harry.
  17. I'm not a wizard, Hagrid, I'm just Harry!
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