The adventures of Nitty Wit

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  1. Hi gang!


    Ever since I've started experimenting with the 1.11 snapshot I felt really creative with Creative mode. I build a few things, saved them with the structure blocks and before I knew I was carrying around a Shulker box (my "Story box") and setting up several scenes to use.

    This will be a bundle of short(er) stories, some more serious than the other ;). All images are real. They may be staged (with me placing a mob in a certain location) but it's all from the game; I set up a scene, watch what happens and (optionally) snap pictures which I then use here.

    Nitty Wit the main character of the story. Nitty isn't exactly the brightest of villagers and because he has been making some horrible trades with players the Elder villager decided to revoke his trading license. Because Nitty is so nitwitted the Elder villager thinks he's the perfect candidate to help solve 'real' world problems.

    Evi L.H. Agna is a not-too-evil evil witch. Evi used to live in the same village where Nitty came from when lightening suddenly struck the ground. From that day on she didn't want to be a villager anymore and decided to devote herself to the black arts in a nearby swamp.

    Vinnie Faxe is Nitty's greatest enemy. Vinnie is always involved with bad things(tm) and his greatest desire is to someday steal all the emeralds in the world and retreat to another dimension. Vinnie is obsessed with (trying to) visiting other places like the Nether or End, all in hopes to meet new allies in evil.

    The mysterious Evon Kers. No one knows what he really looks like or what his intentions are. Rumor has it that the Minecraft inhabitants should be worrying more about Evon than Herobrine because Evon owns a mysterious artifact which can give people eternal life :eek:.

    The house of terror

    A few days after Nitty's last adventure the Elder villager received a letter:

    The Elder called for his advisor, Villager #19, and showed him the letter. "See? I knew it would all work out!", he said while carefully putting away the emeralds. "So now I think Nitty can be tasked to investigate even bigger problems! Lets put him to work on those rumors about that evil mansion". Villager #19 nodded and not much later he returned with Nitty Wit.

    Nitty stood before the Elder villagers desk and listened: "Nitty, several villagers have gone missing. There's great evil at work in the forests in the west. You must go there to see what you can discover with eyes unclouded by trade", the Elder villager said with a serious voice. Nitty nodded: "Sure thing. Which way was it again?".

    The next day, the villagers just told Nitty for the 12th time that he needed to go West (they even gave him a compass), Nitty finally seemed to get the idea. Or... "So should I go left after the second or the third tree?", Nitty shouted from the distance. "Byeeeee!", everyone yelled in response, hardly hearing anything Nitty said. "There goes a determined villager", the Elder villager said proudly while Nitty was busy examining the 5th tree to look what was behind it.

    After several days Nitty surprisingly discovered the huge mysterious mansion. "Hello?", he asked while stepping inside. Nitty walked around a bit and noticed that it was very dark, he even thought he could hear strange creatures. Fortunately nothing tried to attack him, only zombies would do that. "What do you want?!", a harsh voice suddenly asked.

    "Oh hi!", Nitty answered: "My boss says that your mansion is too creepy so I'm here to sell you glowstone for only 12 emeralds a piece! How much do you want me to place?". The strange man looked at Nitty and he didn't seem very happy, which made Nitty quite nervous. "Wait here!", the strange man told Nitty.

    The man, who was once a villager himself, walked upstairs and met up with some others: "Boss, there's a villager downstairs who wants to sell us glowstone". "A villager? Here? Let Bob deal with him, he'll know what to do", a mysterious man behind a table answered. "With pleasure boss, ha ha ha!".

    "Boss, there's a villager downstairs who wants to sell us glowstone..."

    The strange man returned to Nitty: "We don't want your glowstone, but I have a gift for you", he said. "Oh yaay, a gift!", Nitty said happily. The man pulled up an axe and jumped at Nitty: "I want your head!", he shouted. "Nuuuuuu", yelled Nitty while he quickly ran off. Where was the exit again?

    "Oh look, a dark room I never been too", Nitty thought: "that should be a safe place to hide!". Unfortunately for Nitty you really should find places to hide after you lost your pursuers. Not while they're still running closely behind you :D

    "Here, I have a gift for you..."

    Poor Nitty ran as fast as his legs could carry him but no matter what he did he couldn't manage to get away. When all of a sudden... Could that be the exit? Nitty made a run for it and for sure: an exit. Unfortunately only the exit from the first floor. "So you think you're clever huh?", the strange man shouted from upstairs: "Bob will take care of you!".

    Nitty didn't like the sound of that and kept running when all of a sudden he heard a disturbingly familiar howl. That almost sounded like... "That's right Bob, it's dinner time", the harsh man yelled from behind: "Get him!". Nitty saw a strange shape making a grab for him from the shadows. That looked like a zombie!

    It took Nitty a long time but eventually he found the exit and quickly ran off, but still closely followed by the zombie. "Nice work, Bob", the harsh man said from inside: "please show our guest the nearest swamp to run into, ha ha ha!".

    "Please see our guest off..."

    After running around the mansion for a few times Nitty finally managed to lose his zombie pursuer. But now what? One thing was for sure: this was obviously a mansion filled with very impolite people. And impolite people deserved to get bad trades. But unfortunately it didn't seem like these people were interested in any trading at all. And the strange part was that they almost looked like villagers themselves.

    Nitty sat down for a while, placed his Shulker box and looked if there was something which he could use. "Oh, fishies!", he shouted and immediately decided to have lunch. Hmm, not much in this box which he could use it seems. Or was there? Nitty gasped... The Elder villager actually gave him a flint and steel! This was very special indeed because after the villagers discovered that Nitty was really interested in the blacksmith they made him promise that he'd never try to use a flint and steel himself.

    Unfortunately Nitty had no idea of how to actually use it. He pushed, he pulled, he hit other things with it but no matter what he did he couldn't make the flint and steel do something. "Bah, this is useless!", Nitty shouted while he threw the flint and steel against the mansion. But all of a sudden the flint and steel sparked when it hit the wall and for sure: a fire started.

    "Uh oh", Nitty thought: "I'd better get out of here before anyone sees that I did that" and he quickly made a run for the hills.

    "I hope no one saw that I did that..."

    But while Nitty was making a run for it the fire spread like crazy! And it didn't take long before the whole mansion was one blazing inferno!

    The fire was spreading everywhere! :eek:

    (note: This was actually quite funny because the fire managed to crash my game, several times. Every time I got too close: wham!).

    Fortunately for Nitty he made it safely to the top of the hills. That was one evil mansion burned to the ground. Surely this was good news? "I am a hero!", Nitty said proudly to himself. The only problem was trying to find his way back to the village. But fortunately the Elder villager had given Nitty a map. "Hmm, maybe the village is behind that 6th tree over there", he thought.

    "I am a hero!"

    Unfortunately the damage to the mansion looked more severe than it actually was. Although there was a huge inferno raging the inhabitants quickly noticed what was going on and ran to the basement. Most of the mansion was made out of wood but the basement was a very fortified section, made out of the finest and hardest obsidian ever made. After waiting for an hour or so the strange villager people opened up the doors and climbed out. "There's not much left of the mansion boss", one of them said.

    "Forget the mansion, I want the one responsible for this. Get me his head!", a hissing voice sounded from below. "With pleasure boss", the man above answered while he grabbed and checked his axe.

    End of Part 1 of 2.

    "I'm going to get that villager, even if it is the last thing I do!"
  2. Pretty good so far, I like the story and the screenshots are a nice touch. If you thought burning a woodland mansion would make your game crash hard, try blowing up 500 TNT at once.
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  3. Haha, that's really good! I'm looking forward to reading the conclusion! :)
  4. try making a superflat out of pure TNT and lighting one :p
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  5. Why? It isn't a contest to see who can let their game crash the most, it was just an interesting side-note :p
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  6. It is now, download more tnt mod and make flat land with only nukes and light one... gl
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  8. Yah itd look something like that