(Minecraft story) Nitty Wits discovers natural selection

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  1. This story was heavily inspired by messing around with the new snapshot in creative mode.

    Once upon a time... there were two villagers walking around. "Oh, I really like you!", one said to the other. "I really like you too!", answered the other in response and before you know red hearts shot out and love was in the air. "Oh look, a baby! Isn't he cute?", said one of the villagers.

    The villagers socialized a little bit when suddenly: "Ok, that's enough of that, I need to make some bread!", and one villager ran off. "Yes, I need to stand in the corner of my house!", the other said while running into another direction, leaving the baby villager all alone.

    "I am a banana emerald!", the baby said with a squeaky voice while it made a green robe for itself from the grass around it.

    The next day (our baby villager had already grown into an adult) the village received an urgent message from a nearby witch (in case you didn't know: they are closely related to villagers):

    (I know the name doesn't match, I goofed a bit ;))

    At first the elder villager send a letter back to the witch with an offer to sell bottles of enchanting for only 22 emeralds per bottle. But while he was writing that he suddenly remembered the new villager... That new guy was so stupid! He couldn't even remember any of the important trades. Only 2 hours ago this newbie actually sold a diamond sword plus 10 diamonds to a player for the total sum of 2 emeralds! Something had to be done, so the elder also promised the witch to send some help.

    Nitty Wits, which was this new villagers name, was summoned by the elder villager: "You're going on an all expense paid vacation to the nearby swamp", he told Nitty: "there you will learn from Agnes, the village master who instructed me..". "Oh ok!", Nitty answered and immediately started packing his Shulker box. "Wow, no one fell for my Village Wars quote before!", the Elder villager thought.

    "Do you think this is going to work?", Villager #19 asked the elder villager. "Sure! Nitty doesn't know a thing about being a villager, he's too nitwitted to do any trading, he'll be perfect to solve real world problems!", the elder villager answered.

    Not much later Nitty made it to the village swamp vacation resort and met up with Evi.

    Can't you see the squid infestation? What are you, a nitwit of some sorts?!

    "So, what are you going to teach me?", Nitty asked Evi. "I'll teach you how to turn a villager into an egg if you don't do something about these squids!", Evi the witch answered. Nitty looked around a bit and for sure, the swamp area was filled with squids, they were everywhere!

    Nitty thought hard, what could get rid of all those squids? Maybe they had an enemy of some sort, that would be nice...

    Nitty thought about the squid problem...

    Suddenly he knew what to do! "Yes, natural selection!", he cried out. This was the perfect idea: all he had to do was to get the natural enemy of the squids. Once he would release one (or two) then the squid problem would surely go away easily.

    Nitty quickly requested help and not much later a friendly player went over to his house and brought him the natural enemy of the squid: a guardian.

    A friendly player came over to bring a guardian....

    "Oh, this is perfect, let's release it!", Nitty said. The player released the guardian and not much later more of them started spawning. And even better: they started attacking squids left and right, it didn't take long before the swamp got filled with ink sacs all over!

    The guardians started killing squids left and right....

    As time passed by more and more guardians spawned killing even more squids than before. It didn't take long before there were so many guardians that they even started to jump into Nitty's boat and used that to get an overview of the lake which allowed them to kill even more squids. And worse....

    The next day when Nitty wanted to use his boat to get to shore in order to get some potatoes and wheat he was met with an angry guardian which looked at Nitty with a threatening expression. "Uh, I don't like this!", Nitty said and quickly ran back inside the house.

    What to do?

    And so he quickly send out for some help:

    Unfortunately for Nitty there are no known enemies of the guardians, so all the village could do was sent him back a sword: "Here's a diamond sword, go get them!", they told him.

    The End

    In case you're wondering about the morale of this story: As funny as this story might be these things have actually happened for real. There are several places on Earth which are currently infested by certain (foreign) animal species simply because some people considered it a good idea to play with nature. Resulting in what you read about here :)

    I thought it made an interesting and funny story, also because my Minecraft setting was really suitable for this!
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  2. That was a great read!
    Well done!
  3. thanks for the feedback!

    I'm going to turn this into a series of single stories. Some with a morale, some with nothing but a silly story and well, we'll see where it goes from there :) I already got the main cast sorted out :)
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  4. Cool Shel very well done ;)
  5. Good story i like me and a few freonds are writing a book rn i cant wait for it to be finish