The Adventure to Lands Never Seen (With Pictures)

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  1. Good day thanks for reading this. for the past 6 days I've been surviving, adventuring and exploring the Frontier of SMP4. It was quite the journey and I even went to places never seen before in the Empire according to the live map. So let us begin the story!

    So I arrive at spawn it was kinda destroyed around the place but I was fine with that but I did make it harder on my horse. Eventually I get to water and craft a boat to continue and a few more minutes later I run into my first outpost!
    It was beautiful there and I left a little thanks for the safety during the night. After that I went on and after a night or 2 I ended up at land once more. Unlike around spawn it was a lot less destroyed here though you could see player activity here. So I pop up the live map because it's nearly night again and I see an odd building, it looks like a village but there was something about it so I go and investigate. To my surprise somebody built a huge wall around it so I stayed there the night killing some mobs and healing my horse. Before I left though I left a nice little surprise there for the owner or another traveler.
    Morning did come of course and I sped off once again hitting another ocean. So I did what I did last time and lazily went off into the distance from land. I did find land but something scared me half to death, "You feel a sense of fatigue in the air." I knew there was an ocean temple and I saw it too quickly gave the coordinates to some random player and went to shore which was right next to it. Here on this land the hills rolled but not for long I came across a desert and with a village! I stayed the night here and left a little quote for anybody who went into the building I was in.
    The quote read "Not all who wander are lost" something said by a character named Prophet Velen. So after that when the sun rose and zombies burned I went outside and just stared into the distance wondering how much longer I would be here, then I got out my horse and rode on. The next things I passed were beautiful an amazing sight to see and I thought about what it would be like if this world just belonged to me. I once again came to the ocean and rode off listing to the music of the world it took me 4 Minecraft days to reach shore and when I did I saw a light so I waited for morning and went to see what it was. I was surprised to see that it was what looked like an abandoned mining outpost that was owned by 3 players I've never heard of. They had a nice tower and a destroyed house so I got up and took my picture there and like last time I put a little thanks there.

    So I continued on there was not much that occurred after but I did run into a desert temple and I left that one be along with it's cords.
  2. Ooh, nice. I might do one of these grand adventures into the wild with friends sometime. It's actually pretty fun to do, having fun with friends and going out there with nothing but some tools and the clothes on your back.
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  3. So I went off continuing to talk with ESSELEM visiting more seeing many more wonders by now it was almost over and some world generation was getting wonky when I was exploring after I got pass 3 ocean temples close by each other. That was quite odd. But back to world generation for example this was one mountain that was totally cut in half. I continued after a while and it was all good after a bit more traveling. Once I got to land there was a beautiful Savannah biome and then 10mins later I passed into darkness on the livemap. I was greeted with what was a huge wall that I scaled with my horse and I was in! Here I saw quite amazing things such as a mountain made of gravel.
    I then after 1 hour came to what would be the end of my adventure... It was sad to say but it was time. I was in the desert and I saw a desert temple that peered out into the water I though it was a beautiful resting place. So I fought mobs in the night almost got a music disc then set up my burial sight. Here I looted the temple almost dying to the trap and obtained some cool stuff like iron horse armor to go with the horse I caught on my way there. I then turned it into a home and put everything I had into a chest for another explorer to receive as a gift. I then looked out into the stretching ocean and hoped that maybe one day I could go on an adventure like this in real life...
    Thank you EMC for an adventure in Minecraft I will never forget.
  4. Never thought about doing it with friends. Nice idea.
  5. There should be an organized Empire event where like 50 people keep walking and adventuring like you did, making little villages during the night. It would be like a really long FNM where you keep moving forward.
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  6. That would be a cool idea and there is for sure lots of stuff nobody on EMC has seen yet. But of course like I said took 6 days to do what I did don't know how easy that would be with multiple people.
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  7. Well that's true. Maybe during the summer months when there are more players online they could hold one. (Maybe 2 groups for other timezones.)

    EDIT: I wish we could go to the Far Lands and check that place out. I've never personally been there. In fact, there should be a feature were Far Lands automatically generates after a certain distance so that you could explore it without the glitchyness and bugs.
  8. Well on EMC we don't have the far lands technically we have to barrier or borderlands. It's a lot less glitchy than the far lands which it replaced in 1.8 I think.
  9. Time to head out on my own adventure! :)
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  10. Oh oh! I saw that mountain (well one that looks just like it on SMP9) to though i think the day before you posted this the one that was cut in half :D or the The same day one of the two XD. I saw it while looking for a place to establish a base.
  11. I hope we see more pics from your adventures into the deep frontier.
  12. Maybe when I go on an adventure to the End?
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  13. Great story and I liked the pictures. That's one of the things I love about living in the wild, seeing old outposts, forgotten creations, and new land waiting to be built upon.
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