The 72Volt Prize for Excellence in the EMC Frontier

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  1. Read the text in bold first!

    Hi, everyone,

    I'd like to announce the launch of a new initiative to foster a new generation of wild outposts, the 72Volt Prize for Excellence in the Frontier of Empire Minecraft.

    Current prize fund:
    46,000 rupees and a Double Chest of Stone Slabs
    (6k from 72Volt, 40k and DC from Skydragonv8)

    The prize fund will be awarded to one wild outpost or project begun after the creation of this thread, on the grounds of:
    • its success, including size, activity, and interest
    • its utilisation of unique organisational and political ideas (e.g. elections, appointed positions, communal storage, reward systems, adherence to political ideologies)
    The prize, which I hope to award on an annual basis, will consist of x stages.
    1. Entry to the competition. Entrants will have to explain their wild outpost/project, what it hopes to accomplish, its usage of political and organisational ideas, and what makes the idea unique or significant.
    2. Project development. Entrants will have a set period of time to undertake their new idea and try to make it succeed.
    3. Judgement. After the time period is up, a panel of judges will be assembled to judge the entries.
    4. Decision of a winner and the awarding of the prize fund.
    To enter the competition, you must:

    • Be either the Established leader of the outpost or the project which your outpost is a part of, or receive the written consent of the leader to enter
    • Begin the outpost or project after this thread has been made. The new project must be separate from other projects - for example, you could make a project or outpost near the LLO and use amenities like crafting tables and supplies from there to make it, but you cannot incorporate anything built or developed as a part of the LLO into your project, including buildings, structures or flattened/cleared land.
    • Have an idea for a project or an outpost. By project I mean something part of the outpost with some organisational element to it, such as a project dedicated to making a giant castle or village, where there is a King or Queen who must appoint people to perform different tasks, and an elected group of councillors to advise him. That is of course an example.
    • Make your application publicly on a thread (probably this one, I will decide). This is so everyone can see and decide whether or not they should participate, and to ensure others can steal your idea if they wish. I'm not kidding. If you have an idea, you need to show you can make it work better than others. That said, you'll still be credited for coming up with the idea, but if you don't make it work as well as others, you will be penalised, but on the bright side, those who steal it will get less credit for it, but more credit on the success side of things. Choose your ideas wisely. Your application must include:
      • The name of the project
      • A description
      • Its aims
      • What makes the project unique and differing from other Frontier ventures
      • The use of political or organisational ideas in the project
    If you wish to edit your project details, drop out, or merge your project with someone else's, let me know.

    If you wish to become part of the judging panel, pm me. Selected judges must not be partial to particular entrants or projects. Judges will be kept secret throughout the competition - if you publicly post of any interest or reveal you are a judge, you will be disqualified or ejected from your position. (emboldened because too often, people do not read the damn thread about these things).

    The process may be subject to change as it evolves, we'll see how it goes. I will announce when the competition begins and is open to entries. I need to decide how long each stage will be.

    A few more things to note: if you do decide to enter, please continue your project after the competition ends, whether you win or not! The purpose of this is to boost interest in innovative ways of managing Frontier communities. Only you can help to build a vibrant Frontier for EMC. In my view the Frontier is the most important part of EMC (apart from the community d'awwwwww) as it gives players the most freedom to manage themselves, I never really liked the grid formation and restrictions of Town.

    Without further adieu, I invite everyone to discuss the competition.

    One last thing: please donate, to make the prize a bit more substantial.
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  2. This looks pretty neat.
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  3. A note on why I'm doing this: I want to contribute to the EMC Frontier scene and come up with new ideas, but due to real life commitments, I lack the time and energy to make these a reality.

    So I want to help nurture the new generation of wild magnates and statespeople.
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  4. I was worried at first when I saw your big leaving post but am glad to still see you here on the forums. I will probably end up donating something once I find a way to earn a more sustainable income of rupees.
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  5. Bump! The prize fund is now 46k and a DC of Stone Slabs!
  6. I wonder who could have donated a dc of stone slabs
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  7. :oops:
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  8. I would like to possibly add 20K to the prize pool. :)
  9. Send da money if you decide on that 'possibly'.
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  10. Interesting initiative (as if 72Volt would have an uninteresting initiative ;))
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  11. I actually have 3456 chests. One chest per slab.
  12. Well, hopefully you can transport them safely:p
  13. Bump! Submissions open soon, spread the word!
  14. Glad to see the revered Mr. 72Volt is still with us! I like what you're doing here with this initiative, as I own an expanding outpost in the NE wild. I'd think you were asked a lot, but in the somewhat far future do you see yourself coming back "home"?;)
  15. Hi Traynfreek,

    At the moment, I am facing multiple pressures in the real world, beyond Minecraft.
    • The pressure of studying for GCSE examinations
    • The workload of homework and revision to this end
    • Acting as the social media manager for a candidate in the UK general election this May
    • Doing work in my own community as an Area Representative of a political party
    • Dealing with difficult and abusive people in school, not to mention my own brother
    • Getting time to coherently clear my head and relax
    The pressures are only set to increase. From September this year, I will be studying A Levels, and in 2017, I will be travelling halfway across the country to study at university, which I will have to juggle the Area Representative role at home with. In 2019, I will be standing for election in my local council.

    I am struggling to see interest in Minecraft. I played on another server focused on politics and minimalist moderation, which I have since quit because the power players control everything and everyone who goes to school and has a life outside of that server is unable to compete. I then got on another server, but I'm now demotivated with that as well.

    To be honest, in Minecraft, I find I'm really good at coming up with ideas, but shit at carrying them through and executing them. I have never had the resolve to do a megabuild. I've really just screwed around.

    Even the New Republic, which remains my most successful project, was driven primarily by Dean_Catterson, who built his own town under the banner I created. The only reason the NR got so much interest was not because I was actually doing anything interesting, but because the OP was dramatic as hell and inspired people to get involved.

    That's why I'm putting up this prize, with my leftover rupees and the donations of others. To see what they are capable of doing, and to feel like I'm playing a part in fostering that innovation, which is importantly, backed up by organic execution, unlike what I do. It also conveniently allows me to take a backseat to the projects of others, as I don't have the time to be minecrafting on a hardcore basis.

    Hope you understand.
  16. Now accepting entries!

    Spread the word!

    One additional rule: please don't start your project until I announce the beginning of the development stage.
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  17. Bump! 46k and a DC of Stone Slabs up for grabs!
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