The 2013 Lot Building Contest!

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  1. First page still isn't working, give it a few hours and I'll just create another thread. :)
  2. Something in your edit must have broken the front page. Justin will be on shortly to dissect it and see what's up, and we should have it running again. Do you happen to know/remember if you used any weird BB code or anything in your edit that you didn't use before?
  3. Maybe it is something that was patched in the new xenporta version...
  4. Nope, there was a new spoiler, it was a lot longer - could have been over the limit - and it didn't save and update as quick as it should do, so I pressed it a couple more times - maybe after about 30 seconds - then it didn't work, then the home page stopped working about 30 minutes later. Definitely connected, not sure how though. :confused:
  5. It works now :D! I think I won some small minor prize or something....
  6. Nope. Check again, sir. ;) Gratz btw.
  7. -=-=-=-=- CONTEST OVER - CHECK OUT THE WINNERS HERE! -=-=-=-=-

    The votes have been counted, residences have been judged and names have been drawn! I'm pleased to announce that the winners for the 2013 Lot Building Contest are:

    First Place - WeirdManaico (10101) - WeirdManaico has chosen to go with the dragon egg prize.
    Second Place - cddm95ace (14859) - Diamond Supporter - please private message ICC, ISMOOCH and myself.
    Third Place - Kephras (16087) - 20,000r

    Wildcard Prize - Inuyasha1204 (3003) - 20,000r
    Originality - Deathtomb8953 (18313) - 20,000r
    Creativity - Kaizimir (8059) - 20,000r
    Best non-supporter residence - Eclipsys (104) - 20,000r
    Best Utopia residence - Essjaysammy (5304) - 20,000r

    Voting Prize - SweetExplosion - 10,000r to a random voter.

    Thank you to everyone that took part and if you didn't win, no worries; all the entries were fantastic. :)

    I'll be holding even more contests in the future for you guys, so stay tuned!

    The entry acceptance deadline has closed, residences have been scored and counted. Entries have been filtered down to the top 27 and it is now time to vote for your 3 favourite residences!

    To find out if you got through to this round, click the Imgur link. :)

    How to vote
    Voting is easy and you can earn 10,000r just for doing it! All you need to do is follow these steps:

    Click this link and allow it to direct you to the form.
    Fill out your name exactly as it is in-game.
    Click THIS link to go to the Imgur account. Choose your favourite 3 pictures (must be 3 different entry numbers/residences) from ALL of the albums there. Tip: Open them all in new tabs.
    #1 will gain the selected nominee 3 points, #2 will gain the second, different, selected nominee 2 points and #1 will gain the third, different, selected nominee 1 point.
    Submit the form.
    Voting closes on the 24th/25th.

    IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT! - Voting for the same residence on each different question will result in your votes not counting; voting more than once will result in your votes not counting; voting for anyone multiple times - even with alts - will disqualify you.You MAY vote for yourself ONCE on the form.

    If you have any questions before you vote, feel free to ask. :)

    And then... (voting closes on the 24th/25th)
    All winners will be listed here (if your alternate account has won, it will be the name of the residence owner).

    1st place will get to choose which prize they want. If it is Diamond Supporter (kindly donated by ISMOOCH) send ISMOOCH, myself and ICC a private message. If it's the dragon egg, please collect it from 4006 on SMP2 and LET ME KNOW.

    2nd place winner - who can find out which prize they won by checking back here after 1st place has decided - can do the same to redeem their supportership or pick up their dragon egg from 4006.

    Players that have won rupees prizes will have the money credited to their account.


    Welcome to the 2nd EMC Lot Building Contest! The first one, led by ISMOOCH, was a great success but I think that it's time to hold a new one for EMC's great new builders, in 2013! The major prize up for grabs is a dragon egg (not original) and a huge combined rupees prize!

    How it will work
    Anyone that wishes to enter has until roughly Sunday 14th, July to get their residence in with the format below via a PM.

    I will then visit all the competitors residences and take screenshots which will then be submitted to an album.

    Judging will take place in 2 stages:
    1. 1 judge will choose the top 25 entries after they close on the 14th July.
    2. Stage 2 (beginning around the 17th July) will allow the community to pick the best residences (for the egg). After all the albums are uploaded they will each be linked on the this thread next to their respective res numbers and a different form link will be posted here to allow everyone to vote for their favourite res's!
    When voting, 1st choice is 3 points, 2nd choice is 2 points and 3rd choice is 1 point.

    By the 24th July voting will be closed and tallied. After that's all done, winners will be announced and they can collect their prizes at 4006 on SMP2.

    Now, here's what you can win and how:

    Prizes & Categories
    First/Second Place (Major) - A Dragon Egg!
    First/Second Place (Major) - One FREE MONTH of Diamond Supporter!
    The winner with the most votes gets to choose their prize.
    Third Prize - 20,000r!

    Wildcard Prize - The residence (can not already be a winner) that was chosen as the best by the judges will win 20,000r.
    Special Prizes - 20,000r for each category whose winners will be decided by judges!
    Originality - if it is the same old shop res then you're chances of winning this prize are low. Now, if you build something we've never seen before then they're high!
    Creativity - The most creative residence will win this category, meaning the one that really stands out from the rest.
    Best non-supporter residence
    Best Utopia residence - 20,000r to the best residence created on Utopia.
    Voting Prize - 10,000r to a random voter.

    Rules & Guidelines & Submission Criteria
    • Residences must have AT LEAST one building that is NOT a shop on the OUTSIDE or ONE BUILDING that is NOT a shop
    • One vote per person. You may vote for yourself.
    • One entry per player.
    • Must be built on EMC (Town).
    • Staff members should feel free to enter.
    • Duel creators may also enter however the res owner will be paid the prize if you win.
    • Cheating and/or using loopholes in any way will disqualify you from the whole contest.
    • To try and prevent this contest being dominated by popularity, entry names won't be listed publicly until the contest is over. Please do not reveal your res number on this thread. Instead when entering you will be given an entry number.
    • To keep track of your entry, see below and refer to your entry number.
    • Utopia entries are excluded from all but the one prize.
    • If any residences are invalid then you will be told after the time of judging.
    • Screenshots will be taken by me.
    Submitting your entry
    To enter, SEND ME A PM following this format:

    Title: [Lot contest] Name, Res Number
    Body: Res number, server, res details and any questions or information.

    Other information
    Massive thank you to Brettskiiii for the dragon egg!
    Thank you to ISMOOCH for the donations of Diamond Supporter and 80k
    - Accepted, please make payment to this account and let me know. :)

    Get your entries in and good luck!
  8. Thanks to everyone that took part. :)
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  9. Why's Eclipsys the non-supporter residence? He's diamond...
  10. All better.
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  11. He just became supporter few days ago. He was non-supporter during the contest.
  12. Well I told him he'd have to give the 20k back since he no longer qualified for the category, but I don't think he believed me... :D
    *which is fine since I was joking anyway.
  13. :O Awesome! Thanks guys, still can't believe I really got second :D
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