The 1st Century

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  1. This game will revolve much like Mr.Legits game, the 20th Century. He posted I was allowed to make a game similar to this, so here it goes.


    Nation's name:
    Starting area:
    Bonus Tech:
    Main exports:
    Starting buildings:

    My application

    Nation's Name: Mortoma
    Starting area: At the southern part of the world, it is dense jungle. For miles around. Near the northen edge, there is a large lake, and on its southern border is ocean. The trees here are very big, wide and tall, and are big enough to support a small building. Finnaly, close of shore is a small, semi-
    active volcano.
    Bonus Tech: Tin MetalWorking skills.
    Main Exports: Tin, Tin Tools, Fruits, Sugar, and Fish.
    Starting Buildings: Houses in the trees, Barracks, Fishery, Fruit Farm, Forge, Guard Tower.

    Now, since this is set inside of fictional world, with fictional lands. However, the creatures are the same, and you may only be human nation. You can make up your own terrain. However, dont go super crazy with this, like making a 1200 mile long cave system, or a lake bigger then Alaska. Also, while it is fine to base it on a real nation, dont make a country called america, that has a leader named Abe Lincon and hunts vampires, all right?

    Now, Ill address one of the two major points in the game: Research. Now, we are starting at tribal level. Dont be having Steel armor, guns, or crossbows. Advancement will fairly slow, to prevent people from outgaining people quickly. Research will take one page to complete. To research, not only will you need the tech and any presquites, you will need a viable way to invent. You cannot simply discover how to make a crossbow by picking up a flower, can you? Your bonus tech can be about the same level as mine, or a tad bit higher. Also, dont build on your bonu tech till about the time it would reasonable. Or else I would be using mine and getting to bronze, and others ect. Also, you can't have someone elses bonus tech, nor can it be stolen. You cannot disrupt anothers research.

    Now, for the other main point: Combat. Combat, as in the other threads like these, along with research, seem to have lead to there downfall, by competeing for power, and undetailed things like, I kill you with nuke. So Combat will be very specfic. The defender will provide what troops he has with him, structures, tactics, ect, and same with the attacker. I have found an advanced engine that determines the odds, shows me then, and then it picks the winner. I think this, while being a bit tiresome, will make combat much more realistic and fair.

    The last thing I will address, is building. Since your nation only will start at about 1000 people, you will need to note most of the buildings made, such a towers, fisheries, ect. This is to help with the combat and trading. However, as your nation grows, you will only need to list large scale buildings, like a castle, or port. You can start with a couple things, related to your exports, and basic things, like a barracks, houses, and some random other stuff. Building, if a smallish building, will take 3-5 posts, while a large building will take 5-7.

    Thats about it. You may begin.
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  2. I willjoin tomorrow this will become my app!
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  3. Oidia
    An island as normal
    Bonus tech: Fire and Pyrotechnics
    Main exports: GOLD
    Starting Buildings: chief oidians village , ancient ruin, harbor, flame barracks.
  4. Sound intereseting. I'll watch some other post first as I have no idea what to start with :)

    Oh maybe if you wanna prevent some crazy teching. maybe you might wanna allow what is reseachable and stuff through some thing like the 'Civilization' series's tech tree or similar.

    here's some example :
  5. What do you mean by Pyrotechnics? Flame arrows, Greek fire? Specify. Also, we begin research into normal bread, advancing for. Standard bread, by adding yeast to our bread. Also, we send a small fleet of canoes to Odia, to trade gold for Exotic Fruits. Also, what biome is your island?
  6. I thought about that. But the Cov system is rather restricting for a freeform kind of game. I can always deny any tech if I need too.
  7. Tropical, like a jungle? Pyrotechnics is skill with thr use of fire. But that too
  8. Red Korea
    A Desert Peninsula
    Bonus Tech: Desert Combat/Raiding
    Main Exports: Iron, Oil Sand, Fish
    Starting Buildings: Mercenary Bandit Hall, Oil Site, Arsenal of the Desert, Slaves Hall
  9. Red Korea begins research on Horsehair Whip.
  10. Oidia researches a plant oil style fire bomb.(some plant oil wrapped in leaves that is lit on fire and thrown at enemies
  11. Oidia requests a trade with red korea; gold for oil
  12. Red Korea Accepts Oidia's trade gold for oil. Red Korea also gives Oidia extra oil as a small gift of goodwill.
  13. Oidia thanks red korea.
  14. We want to trade with Red Korea, Fruits for iron. We begin making an embassy. Will be complete in 5 turns.
  15. Red Korea accepts Mortoma's trade
    Red to sneeker, how many turns for my research?
  16. I think a page >.>
  17. Ya it is a page. Also, if I added a tech tree, it would end up people having nukes, while even lacking horsemanship, jut like the Idiot Civ AI does.
  18. Nation's name: Romanis
    Starting area: In a northern part of the world. Romanis sits with the coast to it's south, a great plain to the west, a forest to the east and mountains to the west. The only way it can be attacked is from the plains or the sea because of the density of the forest and height of the mountains
    Bonus Tech: Arch, Wheel, and Battle Ships
    Main exports: Stone, Wood, Slaves, Olives, Grapes, Wine and Olive oil(Too much? Tell me but these are Ancient Romes REAL exports.)
    Starting buildings: Colleseum for gatherings. Barracks to house soldiers, Shipyard, Senator building.
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  19. I need help finding thinking about one can some1 help me?