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Discussion in 'Business Listings' started by ThaKloned, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. Huge thanks to AlexC__ for the fantastic banner!

    I will be selling decorative heads starting in August. They will change each month and previous heads would not break. I will hopefully be releasing 4 new heads each month.

    They can be purchased on SMP5 /v 11729

    Also on SMP5 and SMP9 /v +deco

    Parrot, Polaroid Camera, Cactus flower, Chimney.

    Hope you enjoy them and if you have any suggestions or requests, post them below!

    Thanks :)
  2. Previous Releases

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  3. Other Decrotive Head Threads

    CDJS' Thread: Decorative Player Heads

    *If anyone has their own threads and would like to share links to each others, PM me*
  4. Special thanks to CDJS. I now have some of these head in her shop on SMP9. /v +deco.
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  5. I want some of these :D
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  6. Lol I'm torn whether I should hug you or kick you >_< (jk) I go broke as it is buying decorative heads... now I will be in debt T_T lol

    But seriously love the heads you've picked to sell. I will be by soon to buy as much as I can afford :p
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  7. AlexC__ was nice enough to make an awesome banner and signature for me! Big thanks to him. Also a big thanks to all you have supported and like these! Hope more can enjoy them. :)
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  8. Was a great first month doing these. I have 4 new ones all ready to go for tomorrow. Hopefully everyone will like them. I will set them up most likely in the morning tomorrow or at the latest, after 6pm EMC time tomorrow. :)
  9. For next month you should add..
    smp5 (like tuq1)
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  10. Now available:

    Bedrock Block, Burning Furnace, End Portal Block and Mob Spawner! Hope everyone enjoys them. There is also a 5th chest that has the previously released heads incase you missed them or didn't get a chance to grab one.

    Thanks :)
  11. I bought a few spawner head. Since we can't get real spawners these will do just fine for my dungeon themed room.
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  12. That was my idea. I had a few ideas that could use them.
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  13. Great service, Very customer friendly!
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  14. Looks good! I will sure check it out :)
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  15. November head are now out:

    You can fine them on smp5 at 11729 and on smp9 at /v +Deco!
  16. Lol, when i read the title, i thought you were selling your shop, and i was like =O

    nice collection!
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  17. xD Makes sense lol I will have that changed. :D
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  18. Where do you die to obtain all the heads? Lol
  19. Waste nether :D
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  20. There is a easier way. Find me in game if you want to
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