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  4. ill take the marlix helmet
  5. Cool. I will mail it now :)
  6. Bump

    Payment received. Thanks Dramanya :)
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  7. I will take the Cupid Bundle, 60K, and I will pay as soon as you get on
  8. I would like the Unopened Cupid Bundle for 60k, if nobody has claimed it yet. :D
  9. Sure thing. I'm on now, so PM me.

    Shyguythegamer just beat you by 4 minutes :p Sorry.
  10. Bump.

    Unopened Cupid bundle was sold.
  11. Removed 2x Pot of Gold & 3x Blizz Nose.
    Added 64x Freedom Steak & 122 Cooked Turkey.
  12. Is that 2k per stack? For the freedom steak
  13. Each
  14. Ok then nvm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.