[Established] The Infernal Wastelands

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  1. I'd would like to submit this request for land claiming.

    Establishment Name: The Infernal Wastelands
    Server: Wild Frontier of smp5
    Location: *private for now*
    Owner: ThaKloned

    At this time it is a private establishment.

    Establishment co-ordinates PMd to staff.

  2. Current & Completed Project Information:

    Current Project: Gold Farm
    Started: October 1, 2015


    Completed Project: Phase 1: Witch Farm
    Started: May 10, 2015
    Completed: May 16, 2015

    Current Project: Phase 2: 'The Dig'
    Started: May 16, 2015 *on hold May 31, 2015* *restarted August 2025*
    Completed: September 20th, 2015
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  4. Yay! I had a feeling there was no one even close to me :p When I got to the area, the livemap was completely black :)
  5. After 3 rebuilds to minimize unnecessary non-witch spawnable areas (lol) the farm itself is finally done. Testing done over night showed a rate of 0-1% non witch drops in the chests. (Yay) :D This means the hut itself is ONLY spawning witches and no other areas are spawning in non-witches.

    Added a picture of the final look of the farm itself.

    *BTW* This farm design is NOT mine. The original design is from JL2579, here. I changed some things to my own liking.

    The next phase is the biggest and longest part. It includes digging out the entire area all the way to bedrock in a 64 block radius from the centre of the farm. This is take significantly more time to do :p

    This phase of the project includes (but not limited to):
    • Digging out a 64 block radius from centre point. (So only spawnable blocks are in the farm only)
    • Building a sorter.
    • Protection from overflow with a automatic garbage disposal system.
    • Designing storage room, hiding storage.
    • Adding an Auto furnace array. (Fuel is auto loaded from witch farm drops. Sticks are fed directly into furnace as fuel)
    • Other design/pretty-fications :p
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  6. Put the witch dig on hold.. Found a sweet nether fortress and some blaze spawners. *project honeycomb* :p

    Some pictures:




  7. Sorry. I know this is very old, but I saw it in your signature. Seems nice.
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  8. Don't worry about it was going to be updating it soon with my progress. And thanks :)
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  9. The main piece of my base so far. 50% done...

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  10. Getting there:

  11. Started my next project: Nether Gold Farm.

    There will 28,116 spawning spots in total. Not sure exactly how many nuggets this will produce but should be a good amount.

    Materials needed:

    28,116 Sticky Pistons & Pressure Plates
    56,232 Redstone Torches
    Approx. 199,276 Building Blocks

    49 Stacks of Slime Blocks - 1 Double Chest
    147 Redstone Blocks - 2.7 Double Chests
    660 Stacks of Logs - 12.25 Double Chests
    1,566 Stacks of Stone - 29 Double Chests
    1,566 Stacks of Netherbrick - 29 Double Chests
    1,757 Stacks of Cobblestone - 32.5 Double Chests

    These totals are strictly for the farm itself. I've already used a few DCs of stone for some of the walls around the farm as well as a few DCs of glass for the floor.

    The area I used has very little ground surface and is 90-95% lava ocean. Slabbing of the remaining area around the farm took 20 mins lol I have used the same layout as my witch farm. A huge 64 block radius around the center point. The slabbed area fills out the box shape with the circle inside of it. I know I lose some spawning spaces by using the circle design but that's not important to me. I will still have a lot of spawning spots and I like the look better.

    Standing on the glass floor, it is at level 33 and the ceiling is level 122. I have started to dig out the entire square shape above the farm. It sounds like alot but the entire way down is not solid netherrack. The top 20 layers are and a few more layers in between but the spot I am using is a good open location to start with. Took me roughly 12 hours to dig out 1/4 of the whole thing. Once it's all dug out, then I will start building the largest 2 areas of the farm first. This way I can have gold producing as it's being built.

    I will post a few pictures of what I have so far and as it progresses.

    Also, I don't normally ask for donations but if anyone has any spare cobble/stone/oak logs or can sell them in bulk for cheaper then normal price I will return the favor with some gold blocks once it starts pumping. If you're able/willing to help out, please PM (please don't post here) and I can setup some chests on my res.
    *Please not that I do not need ALL the amounts listed above as I do have some already.*
  12. Started building the biggest of the towers yesterday. Got half of the whole thing dug out so figured I'd start producing while I dig :p

    And that's 3 of 11 rows of pistons.
  13. ouch and wow
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  14. First tower done. This is the biggest one:
  15. Is there somewhere I can apply to join/Become member?
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  16. Once land claiming is possible I might look into this more. :)
  17. Starting to work on the witch farm design:

  18. So that's why you have constantly been on dnd?
  19. Lookin good!
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