[AMA + Giveaway] 1 Year Anniversary!

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  1. 1 Year AMA + Giveaway

    Well it's a new month and time for a new giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered my first giveaway for October. It was great and it really inspired me to do more of these. This time is for something special. My 1 year anniversary is almost here! In approx. 24 days 12 hours it will be my 1 year!

    It's hard to believe it's almost been a full year. Before I started here it was mostly just SP games. The funny thing is I would normally get bored of my game after a few weeks and start all over. I guess it was just the excitement of starting fresh again. So for me to last almost a year here.. I've met lots of great people here and had a lot of fun. There are a lot of things that I enjoy about EMC. Promos are high on my list. In my year here, I've been lucky enough to collect at least 1 of every item from the promotional list as well as most of their variations and a few other rare items. A special thanks to FDNY21. He's been like my promo Yoda :D He's helped me learn a lot about the different promos and values, etc. So thank you :) I'm not the type to collect as many of each as possible though. Instead I just like to have 1 of as many as I can so I can display them as a collection for other to see. I have many idea of a display room in my head but nothing comes out the way I see it yet lol

    Making big builds is another thing I enjoy. Most of the time I will build a farm of some sort and go all out around his as far as design and layout. (As some of you have seen in my Witch Farm guide) I've yet to actually fully 100% complete any build though as I am always changing something :p

    Lastly and more important then the first 2, is the community here. I think this is what has kept me here so long. Even if I get bored building in the wild there is still the town part of things and playing/working with others. This is the only server I've been on and will be the only one for a reason. I've met a lot of people here. Mostly on smp5 but other as well either through community activities on other smp's or though the forums. I've met some great staff members here as well and even watched in horror as Chin blew himself up in a game of UHC. Who knew rainbow stains were so hard to get out. Anyways.. where else can you find a red dragon, a duck and a toad all playing nice with each other without anyone getting eaten (and blown up in cake; ya you Mr. Duck)? :D

    Thanks you to all on a great 1st year and let's have an even better 2nd year!

    Oh right the fun stuff..

    The Giveaway!

    How to Enter: To enter just ask me anything you would like to know.
    Entry Deadline: November 30th, 11:59 PM EST.
    Method Picking Winner: I will list all entries as they are added and use random.org to pick winners.
    Prizes: Total prize pool as of right now is 250,000r and will be divided as follows:

    1st : 125,000
    2nd : 75,000
    3rd : 50,000

    *Note: I have received some donations and will add winners for each item received. Means more winners!*

    If I acquire more items or rupees to add, I will alter the prize pool or add more winners! Also if you'd like to donate anything whether it be items or rupees, please PM me and they will gladly be added. This is NOT required and all donations will be given away in this drawing. I will setup a donation chest on Utopia at /v 5775@pickup.

    TL/DR ... I did stuff for like many days and now giving stuff away. :)
  2. Donors List

    Keliris - Unused Dancer, Unused Cupid Bow and an unused Marlix Helm
    SilencEchoes - Enchanted Bow - Unbreaking III, Power V, Punch II, Flame I & Infinity I

    Thank you all so very much :)

    1. FWRonald
    2. batroach
    3. Finalysm
    4. padde73
    5. 408
    6. fBuilderS
    7. Keliris
    8. Maze171
    9. Miss_Peevle
    10. Crazy_TJ
    11. FDNY21
    12. JadziaForever
    13. MustangLover25
    14. Salmatic
    15. jjp360
    16. nuclearbobomb
    17. ChamelonNYC
    18. RealTomsmasher
    19. PinkCaker
    20. tuqueque
    21. Kippy159
    22. 820327
    23. Jelle68
    24. shavingfoam
    25. FalleReavyn
    26. Kyzoy
    27. pandapanda02
    28. Rhythmically
    29. LtCaptainMe
    30. Ethy202
    31. Mman
    32. Zelock
    33. SteamingFire
    34. SageCREEPER
    35. FunWart
    36. Doofni
    37. Rosy2696
    38. Seanawesome14
    40. ReptilianCat
    41. Dj__Krazy
    42. poofasaurus
    43. AyanamiKun
  3. Congratulations on 1 year ThaKloned. Hope you enjoy many more. :)
    How did you find EMC?
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  4. Congrats on 1 year
    Who is your favorite person on EMC one from staff, one from supporter, ad one from neither of the first two?
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  5. Well I was using a 'borrowed interwebs' copy for about 1 year. Never once thought about SMP. I had started watching a SkyBlock series by LetsPlayWilly on YouTube for about 2 months. I would do my own skyblock and follow along side the video. Was really fun. Then he mentioned something about his server. This really started me towards SMP. I tried to get online with my interwebs copy but wouldn't work. (Didn't know it needed to be a real copy :p) So later that week I finally bought the game and googled MC servers. EMC was right there and tried it out and now we are here :p

    Tough ones lol Hrmm...

    From staff ... I know you said 1 but I have to pick 2 people because they both helped out so much with the same issues. ItsMeMatheus and Eviltoade. Always helpful and when we had issues with the iron farm on smp5, they both were quick to assist and help out. These 2 were my first interaction with EMC staff and left nothing but a positive impression.

    From supporters .. first person would be Dektirok. He invited me into his outpost without even really knowing me and we eventually co-build almost everything to build lol We never fully finished anything as we always found something else to build. We made lots of money and had fun. We have our own outposts now (which is not a bad thing) but I've always been grateful for the invite and redstone lessons :D

    Second person would be PenguinDJ. I saw each other from time to time on forums and smp5 but never really talked. It wasn't until EvilToades huge event that we really played together. From then I'd like to think we are good friends and he's always been helpful. He even let me borrow his god weapon and some armour for fighting my first Momentus and he really didn't know me that well yet.

    The one person not in the top 2 groups... (well at the time they weren't) has to be shavingfoam. He was always very helpful and nice to everyone on the server. Even when I buy out all his supplies he still takes the time to yell at you :D
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  6. Congrats on your first year! I still have yet to turn 300 days old ;-;
    Anyways, if you were forced to live with one person from EMC for the rest of your life, who would it be?
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  7. Congrats! Hope you Will have alot of years ahead of you!:)
    Which smp do you find most intresting (except for your home smp)
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  8. Nice question! I should of thought of that...:mad:
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  9. I have already asked a question, but I would like to know how do you pick the winners for a give away
  10. DWMom. She understands how important it is to organize your chests and keep them orginized :D

    Would have to say smp1 because of the graveyard build which was very interesting. I spent almost an hour there looking around the first time.

    Thanks. I've updated the OP with that info. Like my last draw I will list everyone and use random.org.
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  11. Congratulations on 1 year! What is your favourite moment you've had on EMC
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  12. Why is this so true?
    Grats on a year
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  13. When I finally collected the last piece of 60k items to complete the set.

    We must buy all foams materials so that he has to spend time getting more so he can never leave us.
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  14. Why are you celebrating your year on EMC when mine is 3 days before? I demand a hand in this :).
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  15. Just tryin to soften everyone up before your big day.
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  16. Congratulations on 1 year ThaKloned!:)

    Question: If you to pick one thing on EMC for Aikar to give you what would it be and why would you pick it?
  17. Oh my.... 1 thing eh... There are 3 things I want most of all. 2013 Bday Cake, Incitatus Donkey and iDay Helm unopened chest. Of the 3 I would have to pick the iDay Helm chest. To most. it's no where near as valuable as the other 2 but for me it is and it would complete my iDay set. :D
  18. Happy 1 year-versary!

    Whats your favorite passive mob, and your favorite aggressive mob?
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  19. Cows for the cooked beef and witches for all the useful drops.
  20. Congrats on a wonderful date that will be remembered in history.

    Q. 1: If you could get 1, and only one promo, (any promo) which would it be?

    Q.2: What were you thinking when you built the public farms? Were you happy? Proud? Blah?
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