Texture Packs

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  1. Texture Packs

    With the Recent release of 1.5.1, one of the major changes to Minecraft was the overhaul of Texture Packs. Not only do they work quite a bit different, but you can now switch them without leaving the game.

    Now, I have always used the Vanilla Texture Pack, but am considering trying some new ones out to get a Fresh look at Minecraft. Feel free to post one or several of your favorites. Be sure to include a Link, some screenshots, and information about that texture pack and why you like it.

    After you have shared, I plan to make a condensed list here in the OP for easy accessibility for everyone! Bring 'em on!
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  6. Doku Craft, not sure if updated though...
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  7. I love that one too ^_^
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  9. CageCraft as in Nicholas Cage?
  10. Yes lol.
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  11. Nicholas Cage is my favorite actor ;)
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  12. i'm having issues with my paper cut out :( ... my baked potato and potato items are mixed up. and i don't know why :( and its driving me nuts! but i can't stand switching textures!

    ... my normal potatoes looks like baked potatoes, and my baked potatoes look like the normal ones, and i haven't the slightest idea what to do :(
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  13. Oh no! try using that one texture fixer thing h McPatcher
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  15. i use optifine, i'm pretty sure if i patch it wouldn't it have an issue with it being modified?
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