Favorite Texture Packs!?

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  1. I would like everyone to post their favorite texture pack, please include the resolution as well!
    My Favorites:
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  2. Misa 64x64
  3. I saw this vid a while back. I don't use the texture pack , but I found it quite funny. I think that there is some swearing though, so watch at your own risk.

    And I like Sphax also. I use it for tekkit, because I'm so used to watching the Yogscast using it and I can't stand the default textures for it.
  4. Sphax x32 for everything! I occasionally use OcD pack for mini game type things.
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  5. Faithful by Vattic 32x32
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  6. I usually use either Sphax (64x64) or Paper Cutout (16x16).
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  7. I use Paper Cutout a lot :D

    If you want, search on Youtube: largeonepvp, and his texture packs are really good.

    Faithful for Building
    Zepphyre's Texture Pack for PVP
    Sphax for both
    LargeOne1 and 2 I use for PVP and building

    Well, these are the ones I use mainly. I have many others, that I really don't care about xD
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  8. To everyone who said Faithful 32x by Vattic.
  9. Here, I got it for you Rainbow <3

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  10. Faithful 32x... Favorite by far.
    I liked default, and all others I tried just had one thing I couldn't stand.
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  11. shpax 256x

    i use my modded pack for everything, so i only have to have one copy.
  12. Using Sphax 128x The way they do glowstone and lapis block is the best.
  13. I use R3D Craft 256x (it goes up to 512x, I crash though), it's a HD version of default but one of the best!
  14. R3D Craft, 128x128
    Bordercraft, 128x128
    Conquest, 32x32
    Glimmar's Steampunk, 64x64
    Inspiration, 32x32 (?)
    Isabella II, 16x16
    Johnsmith, 32x32
    Ovo's Rustic Redemption, 64x64
    Ozo's, 64x64
    SMP's Revival, 16x16
    Sphax PureBDCraft, 16x16 in wild (for greater viewing distance), 128x128 in town.
    Summerfields, 32x32 (?)
    Wolfhound, 64x64
    Wolfhound Fairy, 64x64
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  15. Exactly why I use Faithful :)
    Default but easier on the eyes.
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  16. Dokucraft! Like if you agree that it's good!
  17. I crashed using 256x265 o.o
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  19. Pamplemousse 16x16
    Ninja'd by Jimbo :D
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