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  1. Hey everyone.

    Last night I developed a system so that any time a developer changes code, not only does it test that the code compiles, but it can test that the behavior of EMC does not break.

    So for example, on our 1.8 update we had a bug that broke Persistent Meta Data and we lost some items stored in blocks....

    This kind of system prevents that from happening as the test would fail.

    So what I need from you:

    Help list various 'details' about EMC that you can think of that if it stopped happening, we would consider a bug.

    Then we can go through and write test cases against those.

    This will help EMC avoid bugs, so any help is appreciated! Thanks :)
  2. Hmm ill try to edit some in later fir ya aikar

    Wow lots of my ideas were taken already :eek: XD
    Well I guess I shoulda been faster heh...

    I don't think stables were mentioned? Maybe horses would bug out after summoning? Idk I'll try to think of more....
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  3. 2 of this thread?
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  4. One of them s like a ghost thread. They both bring you to the same spot.
  5. One's just the redirect in Empire news (so it exists in both locations, I do that to increase exposure), it'll fall off recents.
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  6. Hm, interesting. I haven't played on the servers a lot in a while...
    Wasn't there a /iteminfo or something? That seems like something that could break.
    Also, vaults.
    Colour codes showing up as codes instead of (or in addition to) them formatting the text.
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  7. yes!! test cases! :D let's kill some bugs!
  8. Hmm, vaults, anti grief, some sort of duping, dragon egg on the bedrock instead of the dragon head spawning after the dragon's death, colors in books no longer working, promos getting messed up: EX: how the zombie virus changed the color after the 1.11.2 update, being able to use a "boost bow" (EX: being able to hit yourself), stables, horse/mule/donkey/llama info on the item (or egg)...
    that's all I can think of for now. Will edit in more later!
  9. Here's one I use a lot, "resilient item frames":
    On EMC item frames remain on place even when you destroy the block where they were originally placed, this allows for item frames to be used on ways that are not possible on Vanilla:

  10. If there's an update and I log in afterwards, I'd consider that a bug.
  11. Anyone remember after the 1.9 update where tp-signs glitched? (You had to step on them twice or re-place them) That in my opinion was quite annoying if you had alot of them setup and it seems like it could break again when making changes to signs or how you tp.
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  12. All of these are great examples, I would have said at least half of these. Wardle thanks for reminding us about that, as.. that could very well happen again and was very annoying for everyone.

    I think it could possibly affect villagers, because I'm not sure if in 1.9 it was an EMC bug or if it was just a Minecraft bug in general, but the villagers lost their unique robes and coats, and were all brown coated.
  13. Its not a bug, it was added so that players that have build can not break the item frame block to pick up the item thus bypassing the container flag on a res.
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  14. -You cant send minecarfts though portals like on SP,
    -The Golem spawns are different thus needing different farms than SP

    Those are 2 some big things that are changed on emc, and can be used to test it for when the server adds something and updates...


    -Water/Lava flags allows you to be able to have them side by side, whereas SP it would create cobble.
  15. If my xp was zero after dying, I'd know I wasn't on the Empire.
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  16. item frames in general function uniquely on emc, pretty much everything to do with them.
  17. fall and hunger damage in town. Weather changes in town. Ability to build restricted areas in Frontier and Wastelands. Teleporters not working properly. Damage on Unbreakable items. Losing soulbound items on death.
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  18. Vaults. Seems pretty relevant to me, but I guess it hasn't always been considered so :/
  19. That was an issue with villagers once (I think when we updated to 1.8) that made them lose their 1.7 trades. Not sure if it was vaults specifically but promo horse eggs were affected in this latest update and items like Love Potion #9 was affected when we updated to 1.9 since mojang changes things with potions.
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  20. No fall damage and constant day in Utopia wild seems pretty important and breakable.
    Custom mob spawn rates and ability to spawn (ps)