Terrible bug, lost very expensive pickaxe.

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  1. Noit sure if its minecraft or EMC.
    Where mining obsidian in water. spontanic the camera started to shake and shake.
    Mineing almost impossible, at the point for drowning. relog did not fixt it.
    It's impossible when the camera shake to get out of it, especially with flowing water.

    And offcorse you drown, would not be a big problem, but for some reason the silk touch, efficency V and unbreaking 3 got lost, gone. not found it back. already did hear some scary Tssss.

    This shaking bug happens more, pretty annoying especially when you lose good gear.
  2. You likely ran into an enraged creeper that you didn't see, and it was continually exploding on you - shaking your camera and ultimately killing you. Your items probably exploded, which would be why you can't find them.
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  3. No, not a creeper. no explosion sound. i where just drowing. Also most of the items i could pickup in a minute. and the where only 1 block away from drowning.

    Lucky i have a double grinder so pretty fast xp point. time to buy books and make a new one.
  4. Do /deathlog and scroll over it to see the reason why you died. It might have looked like drowning.

    The creeper can't break obsidian so you might have not seen the explosion.

    I ask a favor of you - it is hard to understand exactly what happened. I am guessing English is not your mother tongue, so please go to translate.google.com and try to type what you're saying in your home language then translate it to English and post it here, perhaps I will be able to understand the specifics better :)
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  5. I don't think it was a creeper though, just couldn't resist the opportunity :p

    This is probably a Minecraft glitch, not an EMC one. Most times they are just annoying, but this time you got unlucky... don't think there's much that can be done about that :/

    EDIT: The text is pretty clear, don't think there's a need for google translator...
  6. Were you stuck in the ground? If you were, your stuff may have gone down into the lava where it shouldn't have gone.
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  7. I think that's the right description, camera shaking heavy. you start to see a bit double. So it's already hard to see what happens. But that looks like what happens sometimes to me.

    Because the camera shaking it's hard to se underwater what happens. I removed a block before. Explains the Tsss too.

    Lol, i can better type in english then in local language.
  8. well, if you message a mod, and tell them what smp you died on they could probably search for your death notes and tell you how you had actually died. so that might help :)
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  9. You can just do /deathlog and scroll your mouse over it and it'll tell you why.

    Did you happen to drink a Zombie Virus potion?
  10. No potion. I did see the Drowing in chat. also because i where out of air and stuck.
    Need to remember /deathlog can be usefull, but scroll back in chat works too.
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  11. interesting, never knew that xD
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  12. You cannot actually see what you were killed by with "/death log" (am I wrong?) but "/deathlog true" can show you (hey! That rhymes!)
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  13. Scroll your mouse over individual deaths to see the reasons, but to show them by default without having to scroll over then yes /deathlog true.
  14. Thanks, /deathlog is telling me coordinates. that can be handy someday.
    But it' still drowing because my avatar got stuck in weirdness.
  15. Yes but you can move your mouse cursor over the coordinates and it still say how you died. Also did you drink a Zombie Virus potion?
  16. Zombie Virus Potion gives you mining fatigue effect, so most likely not if he was really mining obsidian
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  17. Well he said mining was nearly impossible (either because of the water or because his camera was shaky) and his camera was really shaky, which would be the nausea effect. It really fits into the story well if he drank one - and then the creeper would have made the 'tsss' sound and blown up, but you wouldn't have been able to tell because of it being obsidian, a high blast resistance block.
  18. So you're screen's shaking up and down uncontrollably? I understand. It happened to me a few weeks ago.

    @Haro It's not a creeper, or a zombie virus... Imagine being hit by a mob 20 times per second.

    I reported it to a moderator and they got it straightened out. If you can find one in-game, I recommend talking to them.

    For now, do you want me to run to your death coordinates and try to retrieve your items for you?
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  19. Oh.. He might have been glitched into a block but client side looks fine? That happened to me once or twice on other servers but not EMC. You get locked into one position and you try to move but your head keeps shaking. Is that it?
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  20. Man, you should really send your story to 1000 ways to die :)
    Sadly, Zombie Virus doesn't give you nausea...
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