Temporary Down Time (Very Short)

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Hey everyone. Starting at 11AM Eastern Time, our servers will under go a very short downtime period of about 10-20 minutes. This is just for general maintenance upgrades and should be done relatively quickly. Thank you.
  2. First
    What Edits and upgrades?
  3. Hmm, Aikar's upscaling his tactics to destroy the economy?
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  4. I think they are just reviewing how well the servers are running and freshening up them. Probably not a major update. :)
  5. The end of the world approaches :eek:
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    Joking. :)
    Is the new "Normal" Wild being implemented then? :eek:

    Edit: Sorry I didn't fill it in. I'm sure you guys can do that :p

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  7. World you meant Economy right?
  8. I like how all the times when it is down i am at school. Does anyone know what they will upgrade?
  9. Most likely just upgrades to prevent un-scheduled downtimes, fixes, all that boring stuff :p
    Probably not, I always assumed that Aikar could add that with a server restart-update. :)
  10. Just hardware level maintenance and software upgrades. This is Justin doing the work not me =P
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  11. OoOooOoOoOoh... what kinda hardware upgrades? New processor, mobo, more ram? Faster ram? I is intriageddddd
  12. Maybe ones that can actually run fireworks... :rolleyes:
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  13. phew the economy is safer then :)
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  14. This joke is so old.... Obviousally none of you know a single thing about economics.
    It does not take a single person to ruin an economy, it takes a lot of people.
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  15. you dont know his power then
  16. Yeah...that's why I posted this earlier haha.
  17. I didn't say upgrades lol... Just we need to update software and give the servers a good reboot.
  18. i think we all saw general maintenance upgrades and cut out the "general maintenance"
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  19. Yeah you guys, I think you have milked that joke a bit to far.
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  20. I posted this one recently when someone said they were going to have a Dirt auction:
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