Team Empire - Showcase on Planet Minecraft

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  1. check 12168 -> smp6
    (not finished, did this in 13 hours non-stop)
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  2. PMC's locked everyone out from adding submissions, that's there's been a lack of uploads lately. As soon as uploads are re-enabled, expect uploads to start again. :)

    EDIT: They're re-enabled, here stuff comes!
  3. I vote yours should be featured as well. It is very well done.
  4. Seems interesting
  5. thanks :)
  6. i have a few things at 5290 on utopia i guess...
  7. Noone beats me building dirt houses. Noone.
  8. Expect an upload tonight :)
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  9. it's a great idea. As I finish building I will add my res (SMP2 3973 ).
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  11. Dont forget the Maze, you know you loved it i have expanded it to 8 res now new 4 are under construction and not apart of the maze itself but side attractions
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  12. It will be going on, I'm positive of that. Super super busy with a load of side projects currently though - so it might take a small while to add - but I promise you it will be. :)
  13. Deathtomb8953's Lost Woods Maze overview:

    Outter entrance:

    Inner entrance:

    Great Deku Tree front:
    Parkour (as seen from below because I can't beat it xD)

    ^ This I think it looks just awesome and kind of magic.
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  15. I need to give this some more love...

    Gimme 3 days and it'll have just that. ;)
  16. omg the thread is still alive go JACK go
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  17. Go
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  18. *tuts disapprovingly*
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