Team Empire - Showcase on Planet Minecraft

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  1. Just going to give everyone a warning now... I'm rather swamped with PMs so I might take a little longer than normal to read/reply to them all. I will get round to everyone though - I promise! :D

    Oh, and please PM me to apply, posting on this thread makes it rather difficult to keep track of things!
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  2. Gonna build a giant sheep mob., then enter it. :3
  3. You should add the Empire Minecraft server listing as a favourite in this account ;)
  4. I'm pretty sure I can't without unfavouriting it from my account because of PMC's rules >.>
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  5. But this is a separate account... It should work, try it ;)
  6. I can do it, but the rules about view/sub/diamond/favorite boosting are so strict, I wouldn't want to risk it. :)
  7. Oh so it would open you up to the possibility of having either the listing or this account being banned or something similar to that?
  8. Pretty much. :)
  9. That's kinda suckish :( But I guess rules are rules...
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  11. Would it be possible for you to use something from the wild?
  12. It's much harder, but I might just have a way of doing it... Could you PM me more details please? :)
  13. That Ice Temple looks pretty cool :D

  14. I am planning a Crazy project. Not sure how long this will take. I have been mapping it out on excel for right now. As it gets closer for me to building will reveal it. But, figured i would give a heads up here about 1402 . This might be a Minecraft first every tried... i have never heard of one that i know of.
    But with great Projects comes great rewards

  15. Do I see a PMC logo? :3
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  16. Yes. The Team Empire was by me :)
  17. Good Idea :D
  18. Logo*
  19. o wntz tu bld wth u 2cani bld wyh u 2 me wll py u 5000 dol===rupez plzzzzzxxzz!!!!!!11111