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  1. Hey guys! I'm here to announce the start of Team Empire - a way to showcase your builds on Planet Minecraft! Think of it as a place for the world to see the "best of" builds in the Empire.

    So, think you've created something amazing? PM me with the res number and a brief description of what it is, and if good enough, we can go on from there. If approved, a reasonably small rupee payment will be given to show our thanks.

    This is basically a way to show the whole world what our community is capable of creating - and with our amazing resident builders, I doubt we'll have a problem with that! Like always - if you're unsure if what you've built is high enough standard, then please still PM me. At the very least, I'll try to give you some tips on how to improve. :)

    Pretty much any type of build must be showcased, from a structure to redstone - although please be prepared to explain how something works if it's redstone. The only current "requirement" is that it's built in town - but even that can be ignored if what you've built is truly amazing!

    All showcases will be uploaded to Planet Minecraft using the account Team Empire - so our whole community's creations will be there in one bundle, for all to see. :) Feel free to ask any questions, or if you're unsure of anything then let me know :)

    Builds on Planet Minecraft:
    Chateau Hitman by Haerhitman

    Team Empire is not a team/group/guild on EMC. It's simply the name of the PMC account - the "Team" prefix is simply there to prevent any confusion there may be and to avoid any possible problems.

    Unfortunately, if you wish to have your res uploaded to PMC under the Team Empire account and in the process help EMC, you won't be able to upload the creation to your own PMC account. Please don't apply if you wish to do so. We know it sucks, but it's Planet Minecraft's rules, not ours.

    For the sake of watching everyone's back - you must "agree" via a PM to be in Team Empire. This is only for PMC usage if needed for some reason, and is again, just there to keep all parties involved out of trouble. If there was an easier way of doing this, then it would be done - but due to Planet Minecraft's strict regulations, there's not.

    Team Empire is not an "official" PMC account, as if it was, they'd probably shoot fire at us. Oh, and the most important thing is that everyone enjoy's building, as always! :D

    Approved by the Cow.
  2. Sound interesting.
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  3. Something tells my that Eclipsys doesnt have to worry about being accepted:p
  4. I have to say, his name was mentioned in the initial PM. :p
  5. reserved
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  6. I'll probably enter my res when it's done, this is a great idea.
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  7. fh0yG.png
    i iz reddy 2 shuw de werld mi creeayshun
  8. Whoah, hang on there, I don't think you can use that.
    Is it on EMC?
  9. Its amazing! How can you deny it?!
  10. Oh, I'm not denying that.
    I'm just thinking that creative mode was used to build that masterpiece :)
  11. I dont care! Eclipsys couldn't build that!
  12. So uh yeah I'll track down some screenshots of my builds :D
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  13. Oh and btw... I was second too subscribe :D That Cow beat me :p
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  14. This is interesting. I can't wait to get started with my buildings to show them around :p
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  15. this is really cool, when my res is done ill totatally tell you!
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  16. That is the most interesting T&C i have ever read :p
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  17. Maybe I'll actually finish the 9/11 memorial :rolleyes:
  18. 2012-10-30_11.22.48.png had this sitting on my res for a while. not much but whatever