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Do You Feel The Emerald Ore Pyramid Needs To Come Down?

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Yes 25 vote(s) 47.2%
No 16 vote(s) 30.2%
It's Ok 12 vote(s) 22.6%
  1. The Emerald Ore Pyramid needs to come down.
    I happen to have a few res' by this MASSIVE pyramid and it hampers myself and others A LOT.
    It takes a while to render, it make myself and others lag and overall, it's an Eyesore in that area.
    I'm not a big fan of the Pyramids downtown, but they look kinda cool.
    This is honestly a monstrosity that has to come down.
    Anyone else feel the same?

    2014-03-25_00.37.13.png 2014-03-25_00.37.35.png 2014-03-25_00.39.03.png
  2. I agree completely. I was the former emerald king, and I hated this. It is laggy, looks like garbage, and useless.
  3. Holy cow, who would even have enough Emerald ore to make a pyramid that massive?

    Also: SMP9 Y U NO BUILD SOMETHING BESIDES PYRAMIDS? So many together makes me lag balls.
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  4. It looks like its on one of the mega reses so maybe the staff world edited it in? I don't know why it should be making you lag though, as far as I know loading lots of blocks doesn't cause lag. I mean, should be the same to load the dirt ground as a pyramid. Is kinda an eyesore though.
  5. 1) admins or seniors. (not sure if rhetorical)
    2) it is supposed to symbolize wealth, simplicity (in a good way, and something that is strong. In my opinion it is simple mindedness, laziness, and also unimaginativeness (i just made up a word!).
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  6. Oh, I didn't know rendering a ton of blocks wouldn't lag me, just know I can't half deal with SMP9 because it lags so badly for me.

    If it's a mega res why not make something that everyone can use/participate in like the Creature Capture, Theme Park, Graveyard, Park, PVP, Mob Arena, EMC Games? Poor 7 and 9 don't have squat like that.
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  7. I know it isn't particularly creative, but I think it's cool that smp9 has something that gives them a unique identity. Everyone Everyone except Crazy1080 knows that smp9 is the pyramid server, and a lot of people have put tons of resources/time into gathering that much material to build pyramids.
  8. I might get some hate for this but why don't we take down all the pyramids? o.o It's jut that I find them really un-creative :/ sorry
  9. *didn't know that before I read this post*

    Emerald Ore is a particularly bad block to make a pyramid out of. The only thing worse would be Bedrock, regarding bitrate. A texture that complex across that large of a space... it's basically like forcing you to run a higher definition texture pack.
  10. Well, this isn't a dictatorship. People have their rights but this really is somewhat of an exception. It is one of the emc owned lots with technically no owner. The res is of no importance, is laggy, and an eye sore. I do not like pyramids, but people have made useful designs with them that I respect. This is mostly a blob though, with nothing inside.
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  11. the reason i left smp9
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  12. Better? :p And I agree that emerald ore isn't a great choice for a giant pyramid.
  13. im pretty sure all those heads rendering are considerably more laggy
  14. *keeps up Dwight's Zombie Iron Pyramid and new additions coming soon to it..
  15. I'm not trying to attack any of the player made Pyramids. People put a lot of time and effort into those.
    But yes, this had to been made by an Admin and/or Senior Mod and it is on "open land"(once used by JustinGuy/Aikar/Old Shop), something of the sort.
    But Downtown has enough of these and from the looks of it, most people agree that's enough and should come down.
    I wish the massive lot could a community use thing or pieced to make 4 new lots(since SMP 9 is the most popular and constantly active server in EMC).
  16. i dont really think your opinion is the consensus. most people who dont mind it simply arent responding/paying attention to this thread. i do think you should consider what people might think of some of your builds before jumping to "i dont like it so take it down"

    personally i get no lag there i dont even got that good of a computer so maybe the issue really is you dont like your internet and should instead get a better one. but i have about a similar dl/ul speed as you so i dont really understand how you could be having this issue whilst i dont. probly some weird code mumbo jumbo or something to do with your optifine settings
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  17. While I don't care whether it comes down or not, my main concern is the reses next to the pyramid, seeing as how most reses may reflect on the others around them, it just wouldn't look good, but like I said I don't care...
  18. Solution: come play on sm8 instead :)

    smp8 4 lyfe sucka!
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  19. Is it on one of the 120 by 120 reses?
    If so then yea, take it down.
    If not, it's not your decision :3
    However, either way, the owner should make it less laggy.
  20. it is on a 120x120 res.
    there isnt really anything laggy on/about it, its just blocks.
    only the owner of the res can truly decide to take it down.


    was it the emerald ore pyramid Alone that made you leave smp9?

    i like how it looks, and it doesnt lag me
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