Take back the Night. [Sequel to Fallen Kingdom]

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  1. Captain Sparklez, once again, releases another jam that will make you raise your bonkers! :D It is a original song and it is a sequel to Fallen Kingdom.

    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  2. Cool song and music video! I like TryHardNinja's little videos like that. My favorite is Revenge, but this one cool too. :)
  3. I have noticed that every captain sparklez song is a always going story. Revenge is based near the kingdom, then the king died in the fallen kingdom, and then this song comes. Its awesome. It is like a timeline.
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  4. I know! I love how he does things like this!
    Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal all our stuff again! ;)
  5. That was... beautiful ;-;
    Hit me right in the feels...
    It even had Herobrine in it c:
    Funnily enough I love Herobrine so much >u<
    One of the first things that I was proud of was actually a drawing of Herobrine :p

    (So old I dont even)
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  6. I love Revenge! That was my most favorite! Fallen Kingdom rocked, and this one was awesome! CaptainSparklez is awesome, this video was awesome! A little sad, but awesome! And Herobrine was in here, this video rocked!
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  7. That was epic... shame that pigman monster isnt in MC
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  8. PHT! Good thing that pigman monster isn't in minecraft! That thing would make my depressing nether journeys even worse than now! But it would be neat to fight one, just not when you are trying to get quartz and glowstone.
  9. ...this song has been out for quite some time now...

    EDIT: Thought this was a different CS song. Sorry! :p
  10. and that giant statue monster
  11. Ya, that giant monster thing was huge. I don't know who would be able to bring that thing down! Things like those can make my nether journeys even worse than they already are. I hate going to the nether, just to get quartz and glowstone. Sucks already that ghasts exist. :p
  12. Amazing! The lyrics are so catchy!
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  13. That monster thing didn't look like it was in the Nether, it looked like it was in a volcanic biome. Speaking of, that would be pretty neat, if Minecraft came out with a volcanic biome with volcanoes, and it came with new lava mobs. That would be awesome! :D
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  14. I wonder of CaptainSparklez is giving some ideas about these cool new biomes, and that if there is a nether portal near, monsters from the nether can come out of it if they pass through. If the players can pass through, then why not the monsters? But at the same time... it would be scary... :eek:
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  15. The Fallen Kingdom was a good one, though I got a little confused at the end when the king was sitting at his ruined kingdom with his crown. But, now that Take Back the Night came out, it came clear that the king died anyway. Take Back the Night became my second favorite Minecraft Song!
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  16. That's already in effect as of I believe 1.5. ;)
  17. Wait, monsters can come out of Nether Portals?
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  18. So, I just recently watched Fallen Kingdom, and it was awesome, even if the King was a wuss. This makes Fallen Kingdom soooo much better now that the Price returns for redemption, although I would have liked it if he'd cleared the castle of monsters and re-started the kingdom. This video was simply EPIC
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  19. Zombie Pigmen can spawn near them, and if you push a Blaze/Wither Skeleton/any other entity in a Nether Portal, it'll go to the other side.
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  20. Oh... it is? I really don't know things because I barely even see things? So can a pigman come through a nether portal and come into the wild?
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