{Survey} Texture Packs

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Do you use a texture pack?

Poll closed May 8, 2016.
Yes! 29 vote(s) 70.7%
No, I prefer default textures. 12 vote(s) 29.3%
  1. Which texture pack do you use?

    This is more of a singular question rather than a survey. Personally, I use Soartex Fanver. Let's see if we can pull together a list of the top ten used by our community.

    Ideally, I'd like to put this information to good use (hint hint). So let's try for a solid amount of answers!
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  2. I also use Soartex Fanver. It is one of my favorites and it works well with connected textures with glass. I also like how bright it is. All of the blocks seem brighter and smoother than default.
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  3. Soartex fanver it is. Smooth and clean.!
    That texture pack became the default for me from the first time I see it.
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  4. I used to use Soartex Fanver, however I don't use one now :D
  5. I use faithful, and I occasionally use r3d.craft for screenshots with shaders, I use faith just because I wanted default but with better details than default
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  6. I used to use Faithful, it's a nice one.
  7. I use my own edit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
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  8. I use dafaults........Sounds better than default. lol
  9. faithful 32 for me. haven't seen any very good ones that would make me switch.
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  10. I also use my own edits.

    EDIT: Just noticed the subtle hint. Sorry, will put my special pack publically as a download when I am happy with it. ;)
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  11. I've always used Vanilla. I feel that most texture packs either seem to simplify the blocks too much to the point where they look childish/overly-blocky (which seems silly because it's MC and EVERYTHING is blocky, but you get my drift) or else they over-complicate things to try to make them look realistic and, as a result, take something away from the game's natural, simple-but-not-too-simple state. In other words, I've always felt that Vanilla is the perfect balance.
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  12. I use Faithful, just better than default and gives me higher fps.
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  13. HDFlows
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  14. Hmm, I'm apparently not very good at filling out polls.... Clicked on yes, but I don't use one :p
    I have used texture packs in the past, mostly Faithful, but due to me being lazy, and often changing computers, I lost it a while ago, and have been fine without it ever since :p
  15. Soartex Vander indeed is a nice texture-pack. But I rather use faithfull, it is just a bit smoother than the normal texture-pack, but has the same textures so that I can see how my builds will look like for most people. The fact that it is so much the same as the normal one (but just a bit smoother) is actually the main reason I use it, because it gives a sort of faithfull feeling :p (Hey! I discovered where the name came from :D!)
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  16. I use the StrauberryJam texture pack. Sun and moon are very whimsical.
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  17. Lets see the results so far...
    Faithful- 5 + 1
    StrauberryJam- 1
    HDFlows- 1
    Default- 2
    Own Edits- 1
    Faithful is the best. Like someone said above, I think it improves my fps.
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  18. Soartex again!
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  19. prestonplayz texture pack is the best!
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  20. Smqcked Blue UHC Pack. It's mostly vanilla except for weapons/tools and all the ores etc. :) Sometimes I switch between multiple packs though.
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