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  1. Earlier, I was convincing my parents to let me purchase the diamond supporter rank, but they were unconvinced. I went all out, making a presentation and doing jobs, but they kept saying the same thing: it is way too expensive. I do agree with them, but I want to know why, just to explain. But I don't know why. I know Aikar runs a company and has to make a profit, but the price of the diamond supporter rank is currently £13.64 in the UK for one month. I bought Minecraft for around £16 which lasts forever. Does that not make sense? The amount of people buying supporter ranks is surely enough to lessen the price slightly, is it not? Please comment your point of view, but lets avoid conflict.
  2. Why not gold or iron? You don't need diamond. And, you can always earn the rupees ingame to buy one from another player.
  3. I have to agree on this one. A month ago i really wanted to get supporter but my parents said its too much. As you said almost as much as another MC account. Eventually i sold promos and stuff to gain enough rupees to buy a gold voucher the hard way.
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  4. There are more reasons to buying supporter ranks than just the perks it offers, it also supports the server. Without the income from supportership, the server would probably not exist due to the very large cost of maintenance and other such things. It is not at this price because EMC is trying to siphon as much money out of us as possible, it is at this price because if it got much lower then the server would suffer. It is true that you could purchase new minecraft accounts instead of supporting for that extra res etc but that neglects the point of supporting in the first place.

    There will also be a slight increase in the price for other countries besides the States because of the increase in the Dollar Value :p
  5. I think that the supporter prices are perfectly fine as they are. $20 a month (~£13.64) is not an extremely large amount, and it is he most expensive option. $20 a month is about $0.68 a day. If you have a job, that isn't that much. At U.S. minimum wage, that is 11% of your profit for one hour. So work one hour a day for one month, and you have diamond supporter for about 11 months, which is almost a year. It isn't very expensive in my opinion.
  6. Fair point but what about the people who cant work yet?
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  7. But I am not working American adult. £13.64 is just under 50% of my money at the moment. EDIT: I am only allowed on Minecraft for 1 and a half hours a day which raises the price a lot. To about 30p an hour (according to my parents working).
  8. I agree with Boozle here. The prices are fair, the more you want, the more you pay. It's a simple system and it's still fairly cheap in my opinion.

    If you don't have that money to spare then you can make money in game fairly easily with a variety of businesses and such and then buy a voucher. Either way, the supporterships are fairly priced in my opinion :)
  9. You can work if you are 14 years of age in the U.S.
    You don't have to be an adult to work. You only need to be 14. In the U.S. at least, which is where the server is based.
    I am 14, my fifteenth birthday being in June this year, and I work 16 hours a week (4 hours a day, 4 days a week) at minimum wage. I make about $128 weekly. So no. You can make PLENTY of money to pay for EMC at my age.

    Legally, you need to be 13 to be posting on the forums anyways, although Aikar is okay with it on EMC. So a great majority of the people here should be able to get a job, assuming the distribution of EMC players is standard.
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  10. you dont need supporter to play the game, so no its price is fine
  11. Well, you don't have to pay cash. Can always pay in rupees too...
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  12. Considering a person can play free for years if they have to (or chose to), I think the supporter fees are very fair. You can be a supporter at $5 per month, which is very cheap. Also, since people sell supporter vouchers for rupees, you don't even have to use real money.
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  13. I dont care what they go for since i dont pay irl money for them anyways, I buy vouchers with rupees.
  14. #rekt #swaqq
  15. I was a Diamond for 2 years, I then downgraded to gold, and plan to stay on gold. Its more expensive for me than anyone as its 10$ a month USD but for me its 15$ after transaction fees and Currency exchange rate. I am a Gold supporter even though i barley use the perks, I just like to be able to support the Best Minecraft server out there. The reason its expensive is the cost to be able to host. As is there is not enough to be able to pay for the servers, Aikar has to take his own money to put towards the server. Server hosting is very expensive, and gets more when you want the server to run very fast.

    In my opinion i think the prices are fine, and Its not like its just that, They have special Holiday deals, like Xmas where u get diamond and can give gold to another.

    The also have the Supporter package deals where you can buy several Vouchers for a Deal.

    you can also save up and buy one ingame off a player.

    There are several other ways to obtain one.

    Also they are the same cost as any other server, and even lower than some.
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  16. OK, some advice. Spring is right around the corner, and at this point in time, lawns will start growing like crazy, so jump on that as a means of making money, as there are few things people hate more than mowing lawns. Make some money that way, and then present your parents with the required funds, as well as a meaningful request that they purchase supporter for you. If they say no, sit down and have a reasonable discussion with them as to why they refuse to do it, making sure not to let your emotions get in the way. If you get too involved with the issue, then it will only reinforce what they are trying to say. That's what I did when I first became a supporter and encountered the same type of resistance.
  17. ^^Relating to that Text^^

    You can also make some money, go to the store and buy a pre-paid card, Vanilla Visa or MasterCard, and pay that way. I use them and so does several of my friends.
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  18. That is another way to it, if all else fails.
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  19. Wow, y'all took mah ideas and explanations (jk) I agree with all of you who said that the supporter prices were fine.
    Also, a great way to make money, since summer is coming up, is to have maybe a lemonade stand or sell baked goods to people. And what BlackKnight said :p
    It isn't hard to make rupees either, work in malls or create a shop with items that players will buy.
  20. The 13 year old+ rule is for data protection and some other American acts for child safety.
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