Supporter and Utopia changes

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  1. I find it ironic that even when supporters get new perks, they still want more. Well, some do not, but most do.
  2. The only way I see this being beneficial is if you were to pay $120 for 6 months of diamond, or $30 for six months Iron - So you can do 1 time payments, instead of monthly but you would still need to pay upon termination of your 6 month package. It would be feasible to do 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year packages but these would have to be without discounts, as it would only be to allow those who use a gift card visa or something of the sort to pay what they can at that point. It would also allow them to save up and pay for their next possible block while enjoying the perks.

    This would have to be left entirely up to Justin and Jeremy, however, as they are the ones who receive and utilize the income generated to both maintain and upgrade this server. :)
  3. Dude, get a supporter
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  4. i got my gold off mum yesterday lol
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  5. Good one, lucky I don;t have to worry about venturing those dangerous grounds :p I have my own card XD
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  6. :)I am going to have my own server,and I will get supporter here once I earned some money.
  7. That's a tough work.
    Good luck with it.
    But remember, no advertisement here. :)
  8. "Is the Utopian wilderness now the British Empire?"

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  9. Hey Justin, Its kind of a pain for the hunger bar to deplete, it means that you can't run endlessly, and I think thats the whole reason people opted to have hunger removed. Maybe one day you can look at making it not deplete :)
  10. And i can still jump into ravine on utopia wild lol
    No damage
  11. Omg You Guys are so lucky your supporters. You Wouldnt know how much my mom would flip out if i told her i could use her credit card for a game... Also i like the new updates. Still trying to convince my mom to get me at least iron doner. T_T... TOUGH CHALLENGE FOR ME XD... Also i read all the replies omg it took me like 30 minutes
  12. Hmm I just begged dad for gold :d no more pocket money for me XD
  13. Lol
    I get my own lol
    Dont want mom to mess around lol
  14. Lol if I had a mom... :(
  15. how do you become a diamond or gold supporter?
  16. go into profile, selet supporter subscriptions selet iron gold or diamond, then fill out the paper work :)