Supporter and Utopia changes

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  1. What if someone jump off a cliff and /last
  2. or maybe obsidian supporters can use /back and /last and even /home in the wild!

    P.S. we would need to add obsidian supporters for this -_-
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  3. Baa, what's the fun in that.... I am really enjoying the community here on EMC - but I miss Hardcore... Try building a nice castle then getting vaporizied by creepers.
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  4. How much would diamond supporter be in £'s?
  5. about 13 pouns
  6. This is cool, but I'm Iron supporter! :(
  7. add more perks to IRON supporters! Please!!
  8. how about a command that shows your coords when you died? like /dmap (death map)
  9. its good if u can aford to do it but if not that means that less people would have houses on the surver.

    well looks like im going to have to make sure my apartments are finished then :p
  10. Yeah, many people want more perks added to the iron donator.

    If im planning to donate, the first thing im trying is iron donator, i wont go for the gold or diamond at the first time though ;p
  11. I really don't agree with any of the suggestions for /last or /dmap or any of that. I think it would dull the survival experience.

    Also, please understand that Diamond and Gold are the ones getting more perks because they were way too weak as far as money to perk ratio. Iron is a great deal for 5 bucks. Just getting the assured spot on the server is more than enough to justify the 5, but then you get a rupee stipend as well as the ability to hide on the LiveMap.
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  12. This does sort of exist already. After you die DONT click the button to respawn, instead go to the Live Map and get your coordinates first :)
  13. Guys it is called SUPPORTER for a reason. If they added a whole ton of perks to iron, or the others for that matter, it would be more of like suscribing to a pay option site, to have a huge advantage over free players. If they just added a whole ton of stuff to supporters, all of us freebies would likely leave, or some become supporters. So jus stop bugging Jeremy about it guys......
  14. Long story short...Justin and I care about the Empire as a whole. This includes every supporter option as well. We also care about keeping the perks in balance. This means that each perk will have something significantly less than the one above it. Gold and Diamond will always by default have the more 'pulling' perks as the iron was just created as a very cheap alternative to get your reserved spot 24/7. Does this mean we won't ever add things to Iron? No. It simply means, that those who only get Iron should do so with the thought in mind that they're paying for a reserved slot, and anything else after that, is bonus. :)
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  15. thanks for a great explanation Jeremy! hopefully iron supporters, dont keep asking for more perks
  16. I love it! But I feel as if the iron supporters are being left behind. Honestly I know quite a few who are involved in things like wow so they can't afford any better.
  17. I see what you mean, but just look at the HUGE gap between Iron and free member.In fact, the gap is so large, I am thinking about getting iron. And next time you go on, notice how there are none, or only a couple, free members with largely successful shops or buisnesses, as the dont get 400 rupees everyday, or 1300. Nope, just 100
  18. Don't forget you can double this daily 100r bonus by going to the "Rupees" page and voting for empire and getting 50r for each vote.
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  19. maybe cheaper prices for locking the chests? like Diamond would be almost free?
  20. us one of the changes that it turns night ?