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  1. Hello Empire! After much discussion on the staff and supporters forums we have decided to make some changes to Gold and Diamond supporters and their Utopia server. Here they are:

    • Fall damage has been removed on the entire Utopia server.
    • Hunger damage has been removed on the entire Utopia server. You will still have a food bar but if it is empty you will not start to lose health.
    • Gold supporters can now claim 2 residences* Empire wide (including Utopia!).
    • Diamond supporters can now claim 3 residences* Empire wide.

    *The extra residences that Gold and Diamond can be on a mixture of any server, with a limit of one on Utopia. So for example a Diamond could have all 3 on smp2, or one on smp1, smp2, and Utopia
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  2. Sweet, I think i'll pop up to gold on the next payment :D
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  3. I was a little worried if you would cap the max utopia residences. Somebody like MR2R2M could claim 6 120x120 lots and well... That's a large number.

    Oh, and YAY EMPIRE! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  5. I think this is a great idea but, Will there ever be more perks for the iron supporters???
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  6. I am so getting a Gold membership now!!
  7. We are playing around with a lot of ideas, we want to provide the most value to all the supporters (after all no EMC without them) but at the same time we want to make sure each level has perks that make it worth the extra cash :)
  8. Thanks, but like what S_R_L_B said, will there be any perk changes for Iron??
  9. Nah man, the fairness of players has always been on my mind, that is why I was not even going to claim that many on utopia XDD
  10. We don't have any scheduled currently, I am now working on updates for the entire community, like locking chests in Wild. Iron was originally added to be a "budget" level that provided a guaranteed connection to the servers. However as we continue to grow and learn and adjust anything could happen :). At the end of the day it is about finding just the right mix so that we can continue to fund this awesome community.
  11. *And Iron supporters can claim 11/2 residences
  12. Ima ask my mom for credit card :D xD
  13. Me too
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  14. Lol, mom's and credit cards ae :p Can be very stubborn XD
  15. Alright! Great changes guys. Now I have to decide where to have my lots.
  16. #FirstWorldProblems
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  17. just a thought?

    a lot of people ask if they can /home from wild.
    maybe this can be a perk for iron supporters upwards it might encourage people to even just upgrade the once for that perk :)

    i personally think it would solve a lot of language from when people die in the wild.
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  18. We don't want to do this because that would destroy the survival aspect of the server.
  19. I agree with Jeremy. Being able to /home from the wild takes away part of the danger. I really don't think that at this point iron really needs more. Perks shouldn't take away from SMP, but encourage people to donate. The only thing maybe to add to iron would be the custom res message, but it doesn't even really need that.
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  20. ok or maybe just a command like /last so we could go back to where we died to retrieve the hundreds of diaomds we just lost ?? just another thought