Supporter and Utopia changes

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  1. in utopia wild that is
    i dont like night lol
  2. Nope Utopia WIlderness is still 24x7 daylight :)
  3. oh i was just on and i saw night i don't know if I'm going crazy or something a also got attacked by an enderman:eek:
  4. Oh you are right it is night. Something must have gone wrong in an update, I will fix it first thing tomorrow just getting into bed.
  5. Never mind, it is fixed now. The thread that runs timers (healing auto in Town, keeping it day in Wilderness, etc) locked up, a server restart fixed it :) This will forever be known as the day the sun actually set in Utopia Wilderness lol
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  6. Is the Utopian wilderness now the British Empire?
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  7. i knew i want losing my mind;)
  8. we have got a problem with falling damage on Utopia! I love it but Even monster dont get Falling damage! that means no more Mobs traps! :O Do you think you can fix it ?
  9. Interesting, I can fix this and will fix it tonight. I didn't know that mob entities counted in this case.
  10. at least I'm able to jump into ravines :D
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  11. maybe allowing all supporters to have the ability to temp ban themselves (for like 2 hrs or so)... I know I'd love to be able to do that somehow... Just a better way to control my use of time when I can't get myself to stop playing :p On the other hand, I'd definitely upgrade to gold to get that too...
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  12. Im glad i could help! :) and thanks for having such a awesome Attention :) good luck with it
  13. This should be fixed now, I updated the code to check if it was an actually player taking the damage. However I did not test it so let me know if it doesn't work :)
  14. ok im going in right now! I will let you know
  15. ITs now working perfect! thanks you Justin! :) You guys are awesome! :D
  16. I am gettin DIAMOND SUPPOTER for my brithday from my mum then using my pocketmmoney to continue
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  17. im gonna be iron supporter its more cheaper and i get 400 rupees which i need really bady and also visit 2114 and 954 for two great store
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  18. I wish i can be supporter lol. i got pocket money but no credit card. and i cant use mom's card so i have to find a way to do it stealthly lol :D
    Else I might get permanent ban of use computer. :(

    Earlier today i wish someone could blow up my res. haha
    I just get rid of 45k of dirt :D
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  19. Can you change the supporter payment method? (one-time 100$ instead of 20 per month for example)
  20. Some people have requested this and I need to do a little research to see how it would impact us. The thing I worry about is that our costs to run the community are monthly and they continue to grow, currently it is a good balance because our support is also monthly. If we had too many permanent supporters (and weren't attracting enough new ones) we could end up not having the money to keep the community going.