Sup Fellow EMC'ers!

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  1. Hallo all EMC'ers! I have been on EMC for almost a year now and i just thought i would introduce myself to my fellow EMC'ers! So here are some quick facts about Wardle :p
    *I am aged 13
    * I am from the UK! (UK rocks)
    * My fave colour is BLUE!
    * My fave MC mob is a ghast! I quote Eviltoade "They dont wanna kill you, they just want hugs!"
    * My fave food has to be pizza!
    Some of you may know me as wardle315 or EnderWardle. ( i wanna find the right name for me)
    FYI 'Wardle' Is my last name :p
    Now i shall leave you with this random picture of... A CUTE PUPPY EATING AT A TABLE!
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  2. Howdy from Texas :)
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  3. Wardle !
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  4. Hi.
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  5. Hey Wardle! I have seen you around on smp5 and stuff. Those owl eyes are creepy
  6. The eyes are creepy. Imma change the picture xD
  7. Haha, nice!
    Are you doing okay? :)
  8. Im good thanks :) You?
  9. That is one cute puppy.
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  10. Doing quite well, too! Not everything is going very smoothly, but it's the attitude that counts, right? I'm surely trying my best, and I think I'm doing relatively good!
  11. Indeed
    Good to hear :)
  12. Welcome! If you need help claiming a residence then gimme a call :p
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  13. Hi Master Wardle. Nice to meet you and welcome to the Empire. :)
  14. Shuddap :p
    Im not new! But thanks :)
  15. nice puppy, was it allowed to eat or did it come as a secret agent to eat it up :cool: :D
    and how did you post the image there, all my images get all wrong :(
  16. Upload to
  17. I know but how do you make it show up here?
  18. Copy and paste it from there
  19. ... THNX
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