[Suggetion] Max res voucher votes

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  1. How about every 300 votes you get a max res upgrade voucher. Thoughts?
  2. Will never happen.
  3. how about in 3 years...
  4. Well, it whould be nice, but I don't think this will happen just cause the moderators have to make money...
  5. More like 1000
  6. anyone know how much one of them goes for i have a few tucked away
  7. Wrong place to ask that, please do a 'Price Check" on the forms.
  8. Moderators don't make money. Senior staff and below are volunteers, and I'm not sure if Krysyy gets paid or not. Aikar does.
  9. This would just be too overpowered. A max res voucher is worth a ton :) 300 votes is nothing which would just completely change the economy and make things like gold vouchers obsolete in my opinion.
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  10. I PM'd Aikar relating max res vouchers in September of 2014. He told me that 2 of these vouchers will be available at vote bonus 100 and 200 (He was aiming for that). This has most likely changed, though. :)
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  11. The current plan is aiming for them to be available with a combination of vote bonus AND tokens. When the EULA stuff happened, the plans changed. A vote bonus of 100 and 200 is easily attainable and we have to keep value of voting versus purchasing on level grounds or it's not fair to those that purchase it or our supporter ranks. You can call it a price of difficulty attainment if you will. Some will choose to go the slow route to earn one whereas others will bypass that and purchase them.

    We have to maintain a critical balance. At this moment, they are still slated for release using tokens AND a large voting bonus.
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