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What do You think of these? READ FIRST

+1 Location View Flag 18 vote(s) 66.7%
-1 Location View Flag 4 vote(s) 14.8%
+1 Hidden tripwire 16 vote(s) 59.3%
-1 Hidden tripwire 5 vote(s) 18.5%
+1 Residence Upgrade Voucher 18 vote(s) 66.7%
-1 Residence Upgrade Voucher 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have made in the past 3 suggestions about reses, and didn't want to bump the 3 of them so here they are.
    Please, if you voted -1, that means that that suggestion can be better,
    so share your thoughts on it!!!!
    Location View Flag

    Let other players without admin be able to see what are the locations of the res
    this command will list in the chat for the player all the res locations
    This will let the player see the locations and if he want to he will /v ##### location_name

    • Only Owner can give this flag
    • It would not show locations with a "!" before it for privacy
      • (unless that player also has admin(which wouldn't require this flag to see the locs))
    Privacy concerns:
    This won't damage the owner's privacy if he has some secret locations because aikar added a many updates ago the the location with ! that are for admins only
    it would be like this... /res loc rename oldname !newname

    Hidden tripwire

    It would be a sign that acts as a tripwire
    it would work like this:

    A A A
    A A A
    A A A
    F F F
    R S R

    R=Redstone dust

    The sign would detect if any player is on the Air blocks and it would send a signal
    This is a 1 width space...
    I think this would be very useful

    Residence Upgrade Voucher


    A voucher that increases the tags and locations on your res

    • +2 capacity of tags
    • +3 capacity of locations
    • a maximum use of 10 in each residence
    • Only a Voting Reward(
      • Earned after 300 vote streak
      • every 40 votes
      • so: 340,380,420...
    • Or Be able to buy them in this for XX$
      • NOTE:edit:1) the rarerity is up to EMC admins to decide, i decided as a vote bonus so it can be rare, but not that rare. Please dont dislike for this reason, dislike if you disagree with the concept, not my ideas about balancing it, as the balance will take place in staff decission

    What Do you Think of these suggestions?
    Please, if you voted -1, that means that that suggestion can be better,
    so share your thoughts on it!!!!
    Anything you would like to suggest to make them better?
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  2. The tripwire would be cool and some new additions to res flags.

    The res upgrader is not worth implmenting and would ruin supportership since you get those perks when you buy supportership.

    I would go more into detail but I am on my phone.
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  3. Yeah, currently the only people that can view the locations are players with admin flag, the location view flag would allow the player with that flag to see the locs too(meaning acces to /loc list)
  4. I like it....
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  5. +1 for all of them. :)
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  6. Sounds amazing!
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  7. Forgot i had a brunch tommorrow so i basicly dont have my day, I have to do my essay!! =(
    be sure to vote in the poll!
  8. I like the first two.

    But the third: oh dear, micro-transactions... can't say I'm a fan there. I think every 30 votes, starting at vote bonus 0 would be better.
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  9. maybe being able to buy it is nto a good idea. also the 30 vote space can be better, but I wanted to make this voucher not as common as the vault and stable which can be gotten so easily. Many people stop voting at 300 do to the lack of rewards, people who have continued is because they love EMC. a special reward for those people can be this. I know that if this reward is implemented many people would keep voting for the reward itself and would contradict this post, but "the intention is what counts"
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  10. Like this! :) +1
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  11. +9001 for lyfe
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  12. I like it :)
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  13. Only thing I disagree with, by the time I'm at 300 voting bonus I'll be at 390,000 rupees ( estimated ). For 10.00 USD I can get 68,250r with the 5% bonus for being diamond. See the issue? I'd say this be like the Protection thing and be something like 45 USD ( Which is worth 351,000 rupees with the 5% bonus ) making it somewhat equal with the voting rupees. I did not include the sign-in bonus'.
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  14. Im not a professional on making prices fair/perfect. I just put the option of buying it just for an idea. remember this isn't a thing, yet, and IF aikar decides to implement this, he would balance the pricing, or just not be able to buy it at all
  15. Bump

    Please, if you voted -1, that means that that suggestion can be better, so share your thoughts on it!!!!
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  16. I love the first one, I don't really care that much for the tripwire (I don't use it). The third one nerfs supportership, so I -1 already. Supporters need their perks!
  17. It would act as res max vouchers, if you have supportership and Use a voucher it will increase the cap, so if iron has x locs, while using thr voucher would be x+3/x, and when your supportership expires it would be locs used/2. It would still increase if you are diamond
  18. Yeah, it nerfs supportership.
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