Suggestions: Empire shops that let you sell things to them

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  1. I feel like this one might be pretty helpful if implemented, but I notice some player shops whenever you try to sell to them, that you are often stopped by the fact that people's chests keep being full. This gets frustrating as there aren't many ways to simply sell things without starting your own shop, and well, on SMP1 especially, it seems every other person has a shop, so it's very difficult to compete. So I am wondering if there should be an Empire-run shop that lets you sell things to it, and it could make selling things easier.
  2. If it was implemented, it would give you 0 rupees for every item except for rare or ubers, which would then give you only 1. :0
  3. I'm going to say no to this because where would the rupees you earn from selling to the shop be coming from? We'd be constantly creating rupees (which we really don't need anymore of) from basically thin air. Where would the items go? Just vanish? How would the player stores stay well stocked if they rely on people to sell items to them? I just feel that this would create more problems than solving them.
  4. Maybe the items will get transferred to the empire shop so they can be bought again? Or even just make it another section of the shop entirely.
  5. Well, it wouldn't be a really good shop if you just gave it away :/
  6. Although this would be really convenient, it would be harmful to the economy. There are lots of shops to try to sell to on smp1, such as 413. The point of the Empire shop is not to sell or buy items, its mainly there to provide a price cap on items.
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  7. Why would we need that? There's no point. /shop is supposed to have unlimited stock.
    That would be the point. As stated here:
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  8. My idea to make things like this more accessible was to create a player shop world (/pshop), in which players can lease a SMALL residence plot. Brief outline as follows:

    - Lease cost of 5000R / month. (Keeps out shops that don't make enough - no clutter when shopping.)
    - 10 block storefront x 20 deep x 25 high (To keep it from looking disgusting, and encourage creative design.)
    - Free vault from the /pshop to /town
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  9. I don't see your logic there, what about the sign in bonus?
    Those are coming from thin air.
  10. At a reasonable rate.
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  11. No need for the EMC shop to buy stuff. Why sell stuff to the empire when you can A. Make your own shop B. Sell to other shops/cross server.
  12. BUT IF the EMC shop were to buy stuff, most of the items like diamond would have to be 5r to sell. Maybe 1r.
  13. Yes, but at the same time people focus more on selling their stuff than buying it, probably why 413's chests are ALWAYS full. People seem to just sell stuff but it isn't very feasible to only buy, or then the player runs out of rupees.
  14. Although it would be convenient, the sell price would be just as cheap as the buy price is expensive. Also I agree with the previous statement that player shops often rely on other players selling to them, so I think an EMC sell shop would ultimately be a bad idea
  15. No.

    Reason: Player Shops
  16. I used to play a different online game where you could buy or sell items at a merchant. The prices would fluctuate according to supply or demand and sometimes we would have server events that caused the merchants to run out of items. In this case, those who had saved those items would sell or trade them for a premium.

    Although I don't expect it to happen, I actually think this would add an iteresting element to running a shop. An Empire shop that was both Buy and Sell would be useful to me as a pricing guide if the prices fluctuated according to supply and demand. Currently, I have to monitor prices and take things like the prices at other shops and on other servers, game updates, and EMC updates into account along with my ability to supply an item to decide how to price an item. A system like this would take a lot of guesswork out of pricing an item and if done well, might still allow adequate pricing freedom for player shops.

    Seems like all the prices would stabilize eventually. Some thought would have to be put into the price margin. If the buy and sell prices are too close together, there wouldn't be enough room for fluctuation or variance at player shops. Too wide and the shop wouldn't be used because the prices would be too high or low or both, leaving it useless as a pricing model.

    There could also be a cap of some sort on the number of items the shop would store rather than the current system where the number of items is unlimited. But then, that leads me back to the original post...

    Raenafyn, what items are you trying to sell? You might be better off concentrating on items that are higher in demand.

    In addition to the suggestions I see posted already, you could also try talking with shop owners. You might find that some would be interested in buying extra of whatever you are trying to sell. Many have their chests blocked with dirt because they are afraid of not being in control of who anonymously sells what to them and when. By talking with them, you'll be giving them a name and face as well as giving them the opportunity to negotiate the price and amount of items they will be purchasing.
  17. But, I don't get it... Why would I pay 5000r/month for a smaller res instead of getting my 60x60 res for free, aside from it being in a different world?