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  1. With the upcoming Chinese New Year and 2014 being the Year of the Horse, why not make a Zodiac Horse promo for the Chinese New Year..? I mean based off the mythos, it could be swift like Incitcus, and have strong endurance as it had to swim across the great river only to come in 7th because of horses not being great swimmers and losing to the cunning of the snake, as well as the element attributed to 2014 being Wood. The is alot of resources that could be used in the mythos.. :)

    There could also be a Zodiac Animal cat, although the cat missed out on the zodiac from being pushed into the river and making it too late to be put in the calender.. These are just ideas that could be used I mean there are numerous things that could be used that are in minecraft as representations of several of the zodiac (or near-zodiac) animals.. o3o
  2. OOH, it should be a horse that won't flip out and kick you off in water :D
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  3. I thought we only did promos for major US holidays/events :L it's getting a bit much now.. They loose their specialty once we start throwing them from every direction for every holiday everywhere :\
  4. +1 To this idea

  5. But -1 to the idea that every cool idea will be implemented, because,
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  6. Let's also extend this idea to have a promo for every zodiac sign. Heck, let's do every event that ever happened too!

    Promos are meant for US holidays or MC updates, like the promo horse.

    So far the score is 0??
  7. I love this idea actually, sad it probably won't be implemented.
  8. I am guessing that you have never been to San Fransisco, Seattle, or New York during the Chinese New Year..?
  9. Its too bad that there are so many dinky promos, like the fourth of July items, which just made fireworks in general less special. I would like to see something like this be added since it has some real promise to be both useful and unique at the same time.
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  10. whats wrong with my Chinese culture :(
    why no celebrate :'(
  11. Haro, Of course there is a lot of Americans here but.
    Theres is people from all over the world here. What if you played a game where they only gave promos to holidays you never knew existed? I think this is a good idea. +1
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  13. A lot of American schools teach about and celebrate the Chinese New Years, even in areas where there are not large Chinese communities. I was taught "Gong Hey Fat Choy" in an American school.. o3o
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  14. Ni. Hao. Kai-Lan! Seriously, though, here in California, there exists a tremendous Chinese sub-culture. I'm not saying that this will or should happen, I just wanna be able to cross a river with my horsie :D
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  15. In New York there are a lot of Asian people too.
  16. If we did do the Zodiac/near-Zodiac animals, we could always name the Cat, Sagwa.. in reference to the Amy Tan story, The Chinese Siamese Cat, and Cartoon series to those of us old enough to remember it.. o3o
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  17. I agree with Haro there are to many promo's out there and we just keep throwing them out there...
  18. I have to say this: I think the notion of too many promos is kinda silly. "OH, stop giving us so much cool stuff! We just can't stand it that so many special and unique items are being made available" Bwahahah!
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  19. well that may be rather difficult or impossible for EMC to code in general, that is a flaw of the horse in minecraft's coding it is mojang who needs to do something we cant do anything here
  20. I have :p
    It's pretty cool... :)

    In regards to other people, you are being a bit disrespectful here in terms of it being 'ONLY U.S.' events and holidays. Not only do Chinese people who celebrate Chinese New Year live in the U.S., but also because since different people all live here, we respect and influence each other's cultures/ lifestyles.

    So, what defines it being a 'U.S' Holiday then? We only have national ones, That's it for U.S. Holidays...
    • New Year's Day,
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day,
    • Inauguration Day,
    • Washington's Birthday,
    • Memorial Day,
    • Independence Day,
    • Labor Day,
    • Columbus Day,
    • Veterans Day,
    • Thanksgiving Day,
    • Christmas

    So... No Halloween, no Valentine's Day... The only four you actually celebrate from the list above are New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.
    You might want to rethink your logic.