[Suggestion] Wilderness Wednesday

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  1. This is just a fun idea I had.

    Every Wednesday, a server would be picked at random and players could opt into the wilderness challenge. Players would be required to clear their inventory (or it could be cleared automatically) and be teleported to a select location on the map, where they could build a wilderness town and survive together (much more like vanilla Minecraft).

    For example, next Wednesday SMP4 is picked. A staff member picks a nice location far away from the spawn point in the SMP4 wild and possibly some challenges. All the servers will give notifications about this periodically to let people know they can opt in (and what the command is). When Wednesday comes, players who opted in, would be instructed to log into SMP4, stash their inventory/armour, and type another command to join. They would then be transported to the select location and their inventory/armour would be cleared to start fresh.

    - Players who join could be given one free locked chest to help prevent theft.
    - Specific missions or challenges could be given each week with prizes.
    - If players survive through the whole day, or complete a challenge, perhaps they can bring back one load of 'loot' from the wild for free.
    - Players could collect 'rep' from helping one another.

    All standard EMC rules would apply including no PvP, griefing, or theft. Players would work together to survive or complete the challenges.
  2. this would be awesome
  3. Great idea, but there's already a massive list of things planned for EMC that will take ages. Haha
  4. I found this to be like the mob arena sounds like tons of fun
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  5. I like it, but, unfortunately, this will probably never get implemented. I sure hope it does, though!
  6. I think you have a great idea going here I vote the server should do it :)
  7. Approved.
  8. This seems like an interesting suggestion! If this doesn't get accepted then maybe there could be daily challenges or daily goals that are randomized every 24 hours per person. Once you complete the challenge you must wait for the next one to come along. I am sure the staff look into these so keep the ideas coming! :)
  9. I hope they do this
  10. I'm not feeling wednesdays... Perhaps a Thursday? :p
  11. Hey, I'm thinking about this for some time now :)
    This can be organized without any software implementation.

    People follow the organizer far away, than hand over all they have (perhaps have to take 36 stacks of dirt to prove their inventory is empty.)
    Then the quest starts. Example: return to the town (or to the starting point) with a stack of diamonds.
    All players have to show on the live map during all time they're logged in.

    The only problem I see now - as in many RL sports, e.g. sailing regatta - would be external help.
    Approach to solving this:
    a) gentleman's agreement - intention is fair play
    b) Design the quest so that external help is of little meaning
    c) Design the quest so that cheaters can be caught
    d) introduce punishment for the players caught cheating (listed as disqualified due to cheating in the results and banning from competitions shall be enough)

    I have some great quests on my mind :)
    Let's do this! :)
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  12. Perhaps for Wilderness Wednesday we could just lock everyone out of town, and force them to live in the wild for 24 hours, just to promote community interaction and team building. :D
  13. * thinking of all people who asked me to take them into the wild, but did not manage to get out of the protected area and preferred to shoot at monsters from there * :)
  14. Sounds interesting. ;)

  15. Great idea, but there's already a massive list of things planned for EMC that will take ages. Haha

    Quoting Alexchance: There's a huge amount of things that staff is working on; but I think this is a good idea. I like it :)
  16. Awesome idea! Make sure that the selected spot was in unfounded areas on live map and also you could type /spectate and you could teleport invisibly like in HG Servers to the players and explore their place. Maybe make their location invisible on live map?
  17. People would avoid this by not logging on Wednesday.
  18. What implemented idea has not had to compete for attention and development time?

    I know the servers get a huge burst of activity on weekends. I suggested the weekday to help even things out. Wilderness Wednesday just has a ring to it.

    The problems without software implementation are as follows:
    1) How to organize everyone, alert everyone, get everyone involved, confirm involvement.

    2) People dying/getting lost on their way to the event. To be completely wilderness, travel should take many Minecraft days.

    3) Players will not all wish to start at the same time. So now you need multiple trips back and forth for straglers, or participation will be minimal.

    4) As you mentioned, making sure players play fairly. What should be done with all this dirt once the competition starts?

    5) It's very easy for a 'party crasher' to follow the group and not play fairly. How would this be dealt with?

    Perhaps a nether passage could be built to decrease travel time, leading to a portal in the sky which drops the player in a pool of water, preventing immediate reverse travel, and all players could agree not to use the nether at all, to solve some of the issues. But still, this is a LOT of work to complete every week.
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  19. I'm game, nice idea!
  20. I already spend my life in the wild. Unless i'm on smp3. I work on my res there.