[SUGGESTION] Why not make an application on our mobile devices?

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Bhret, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Why not?
    We could stay updated and and have everything we need rather than constantly going to EMC website and see the "Full Website Version"

    But it's all in a application.
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  3. Indeed. However, that link needs to evolve
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  4. I assume you didn't read the Already Suggested Ideas - PLEASE READ BEFORE SUGGESTING thread? I insist you read it :)
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  5. I have been working on an Android app that Penguin linked above me. The app has everything you will need for casually browsing the forums. If you have any programming knowledge, you can contribute to the app to make it better.
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  6. Alright I will do so.
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  7. We do have RSS feeds of Empire News and Empire Updates, (click the orange icon on the forum index)

    Anyone could design an app that checks these feeds, and posts an alert on the device when a new entry is posted. Doesn't have to be done by us :)
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  8. hmm will do. Will do. Thank you guys.
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