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  1. CURRENTLY BROKEN. Bumping to ask if people want me to update/improve this. See latest comment for more information.

    Version 2.1 is here. I redid everything that was lost to be better and cooler to use.

    "App for EMC" is an unofficial Android(tm) App which is also open source. The app is optimized for all devices and works great as a forum browser.

    Browse the forums in an easy to view way on your mobile device. You can view entire threads along with the avatar of the poster and their username.

    Huge thanks to salesman200 for publishing the app on the store. Check out his other app if you have the time.
    *IMPORTANT* the Google play version will not update automatically. You will need to manually download the new version.
    You can also sideload the app here if you can't use the play store for whatever reason.

    You can also help code the app since it is open source. I will accept pull requests as long as they work. If you are interested in this, you can either just start coding or you can Pm and I will help you get started. I will give you as much support as I can if you choose to help program it. The Github project is here.

    What android version does this support?
    -This app supports all android versions above 4.0 (ice cream sandwich). This is pretty much every device on the market today.

    Will you make an ios/windows phone version?
    -Probably not. I have neither device and neither of those devices support installing apps from non-market sources. I can help with some of the generic stuff if someone more experienced in those operating systems wants to port the app. With Windows 10, I might be able to make a Windows phone app if people want it enough.

    The app crashed!
    -Please report the error to me either on this thread or in the Github repo. If you know how to get the logcat logs for the app, post those along with exactly what you were doing and what you clicked to make the app crash.

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  2. I don't know a lot about Android, but I know Java. Can I look through the code and see if there are any ways to clean it up or improve it?
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  3. That would be fine. I am still learning so anything you find would be great.
  4. Very cool. I gonna try it out soon. Thank you :)
  5. I just added a link to sideload it. I sent the file to Jack so it should be up on the store soon.
  6. Bump and information.
    I plan on adding comment viewing for the next release.
  7. Bump. I will be working on an update that adds comment reading.
    Remember that this project encourages community help. Post a suggestion or something you want to add.
  8. Can post some screenshots to this thread for people who don't have an Android phone?
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  9. I just added screenshots to the main post.
    I am still waiting on Jack to post it in the store. For now you can side load the app.
  10. Bump again
  11. Link on Google Play? :)
  12. Not the most beautiful looking thing around, but it gets the job done. At some point you should add a better looking menu. Other than that, its fine :D
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  13. I am trying to contact jackbiggin but he isn't responding. Probably because of his finals.
    I do plan on adding a card based interface sometime soon. Hopefully that will make is look better.
  14. That's exactly what I had in mind when I wrote my post :D
  15. Ok :) Could I have the .apk in the meanwhile?
  16. There ia a link in the op for the apk.
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