[SUGGESTION] /who Staff

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  1. I am suggesting /who staff today

    Well, It shows all of the Staff online so you don't have to go to emc.jackbigg.in all the time.
  2. or you could just do TAB and look at the colors :)
  3. I think he means on the forums and other servers :)
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  4. I've often wished this was in place multiple times, as when I need a staff member I would have to do /who Smp1-10 all individually to find one. +1
  5. Love this idea have the same problem as Kyzoy when looking for an admin and it can be really annoying going through all the servers holding TAB to see whos on so +1
  6. Could probably whip up some of macro for this till it actually gets added as a feature (For those that use macro mod). Let me know if anyone would be interested
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  7. yes please, yes now!
  8. This is what I have came up with so far. It is a start. Pretty cool stuff (learning how it works);

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  9. Does that just show staff on the server you are on?
  10. If I am able to finish it. It would list them all. Just missing one piece of script that I can't figure out, then I can finish it. Might/might not figure it out. hehehe.
  11. Lol... finish it for fun chicken but ill add this tonight.

    I assigned it to pirate because it was simple, figured it would be good learning, but hes busy IRL atm.
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  12. Cool. I am going to make something else cool instead. Have pretty well mastered the basics of the mod. Might do more of it.
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  13. it should be maybe /staff who smp#
    so you wouldn't have to go on every server and check that each time and only do it on one.
  14. Well, Aikar's command is going to be better. I was essentially going to abuse the /list command to make mine work. Since you can for example do /list smp2 - which displays all online players (separates by Staff, Supporter, Normal, Guest). I was Filtering out the entire command, but spitting back at you the online staff and their respective servers.
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  15. you already can /who smp1 - thats what this is asking, so you don't have to do /who per server.

    The command will just be /staff and list every (unvanished) staff online and where they are in the same fashion our cross server moderator chat does =P
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  16. Finished the command last night just never got it deployed, should be deploying updates tonight :)
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