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  1. I usually ignore most chat scrolling across while I'm working on a project or venturing in the Waste or Wild. However, I always try to welcome new members as I see them. The problem is, I believe often I don't see them. Is it possible to have a special tone (like for PM's) when a new member joins? It would be nice to have something audible that would alert us to give a welcome to new members!
  2. Just ran a test to see if chat alerts are active for server announcements, but they aren't.:(

    It may take additional work to make this possible, but I'll file a ticket for devs to look into it.
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  3. Thanks! I didn't know if it was possible, I know nothing about coding. Just thought it would be a good way to help new members feel welcome.
  4. I think this would be a great addition to /ps. ;)
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  5. And on that note, can /ps be cleaned so that it line breaks after every option and possibly goes into pages? Typing /ps currently slaughters you with a wall of text.
  6. Probably wouldn't break it up too much, but yes that is one of the things i constantly complain about so I'm sure devs are working on something.
  7. You could have it in sections, such as



    [Spawn Minilosses] || False
    [Spawn Enstaged] || True
    [Random bullcrap] || 24

    So basically putting it into catagories.
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  8. I have done work on cleaning up /PS. It is pending review and deployment.
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