[Suggestion] Welcome Back Message to old Players!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have seen many players come back after a set time, and I thought they could implant a new message to welcome back these players upon Joining. For Example....

    If a player Joins back and their res is Gone...

    "Welcome back {Player Name}, You have been gone for so long, you have lost your res. To claim a new res, Type /v open"

    If a player joins after being gone for a while (Say 30-40 days)

    "Welcome Back to EMC {Player Name}. You have been last on the server {Days}, If you would like to refresh your Mind about the Server type /tutorial or ask around."

    Anyways these where quick ones that popped in my head.

    I think we need this as i have seen players come on after being gone for so long and all confused, as well as players that come on after a long time and then leave after a few mins...

    Feel free to drop your opinions, and all...
  2. +infinity
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  3. +10 for this :)
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  4. +1 this would be helpful
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  5. Oh, I really like that idea! That could really help! I really hate seeing people log in for the first time in years, realise they've lost their residence and have forgotten all commands, and log off again.
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  6. ^^ What he said
    Great idea! +100
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  7. Gg Finch!
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