[SUGGESTION] Way to turn other people invisible for you

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by 607, Dec 2, 2014.


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  1. Hi, it's me again!
    So, I've searched for this suggestion both on the forums and the tracker for a long time, but I didn't find it anywhere.
    So that's why I'm making a new thread about it now.
    You probably know what I mean already by the thread's title, I want a way to turn the rendering of other people off. It could be a /ps setting.
    Sunday Kephras hosted one great party, and I loved the second parkour stage. Although, after practising it for a bit, in the actual race I completely failed. Why? Because about ten other people were in my face, and I probably was in the face of other people. This makes parkour races pretty much impossible to fairly do like this.
    I have actually seen this mechanic on various other servers, so I know it's possible.
    To add onto this, I think /ps should have a setting to make the people you're in a group with still visible, so you can choose to see who you are playing with but let the people that are only in your way unrendered.
  2. Sounds do-able, but I'll leave that to Aikar/chickeneer to decide on how/when it can be implemented.
  3. Could be a nice Christmas Gift.
  4. I feel you, when the parkour os on for 50k I'ma need to win, if it's possible it would be a great extra to have. :)
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  5. Nah, that's not a gift really. This is just a feature to implement along with a few others I can think of. We're stirring up something neat for y'all when it comes to gifts.
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  6. I don't know if i should be really exciteed or scared.. But.. thanks for putting the effort in anyhow :p
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  7. Personally I don't like this idea. It doesn't seem right to just be able to turn people invisible, considering this is a survival server where people are supposed to work together.

    I'd suggest ghosting players instead of turning them completely invisible.
  8. if anything where it only works on plots, possibly like a plot setting/flag.
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  9. It sounds like you don't really want invisible as much as non-existent. Do players collide with each other (I've not tried) as you'd want to stop that too.
  10. Players do not collide with each other.

    And he still wants to talk with players, he just does not want to see them.
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  11. Ya, I agree with this. People are supposed to work together not make each other invisible. Ghosting would be nice though.
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  12. Yeah, but, you know. You wouldn't make specific people invisible. It wouldn't like you can bully people by making them invisible for you. With this suggestion, you're making everyone invisible, except the people you're in a group with.
    But why would you use this, anyway? Yeah, maybe some people don't want to be bugged by other people and prefer being alone, with who I do not agree. But we also have /chat off, right? /chat off makes it nearly impossible to work together, while it isn't ever too useful.
    Making players invisible though, would be a nice addition. But if possible, what akela said, "ghosting" people, would be much better indeed. You know, when they are transparent, but you can still see them. This would work greatly for parkour, because you can see what people are ahead of you yet they're not blocking your sight almost completely.
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  13. I agree with this just make em kinda see through you know like really pale. This would help just total ignorance of others:) still really love the idea
  14. I shouldn't hope for this to be in place before the next parkour event comes up, should I? :3
  15. Bump? :3
    I'd like some feedback from a developer.