[Suggestion] Voter's Enderchest

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  1. Soulbound, unplaceable enderchest usable anywhere.
    Vote streak 325 reward.
    This is simply so I wouldn't need to worry about losing my enderchests upon death, and also so I don't need silk touch to pick it back up after each use =P
  2. This is a good idea, but if someone was far out in the wild and did not want to walk all the way back, they could put all of their in soul bound items in the ended chest and kill them self easily, whereas normally if you do this you would lose an enderchest. Is it not a little OP?

    EDIT: I like the idea though
  3. Lol. Well i think you meant "non-soulbound items".
    And also, people already do this--they kill themselves at their outposts to return back quickly after putting an SC of stuff inside an enderchest.
    So we might as well be able to do it without needing an outpost =P
  4. This is no more OP than the soulbound weapons and armor in my opinion. I really like this suggestion.
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  5. I do really like this idea :) Maybe it would make me mine once again, as I think the last time I've mined was like 3 years ago... :p
  6. :confused: 3 years...
  7. I like this suggestion, we need more rewards for the higher vote streaks +1
  8. Its not something I'd use myself because although there are risks involved with placing an enderchest in a mining outpost, you'd normally only do that once. In my opinion it adds up to gameplay. And if you keep a silk touch pickaxe inside your enderchest then you'll always have the option to remove it again.

    Still, having said that, it would be an interesting twist to the currently ongoing discussion about vault pages in the wild. And I fully agree: having some more voter rewards would be awesome too.

    One point of criticism: I think 325 would be too easy. The ability to have an extra single chest of storage available can have quite some impact (think about farms and such). So my preference would be to put this around 400, maybe 425 or even 500.

    Other than that: +1
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  9. It can share the enderchest space regular enderchests have =P so ultimately, the only change will be people swapping regular enderchests for voter's enderchests inside their inventory :D
  10. Um.... bump? I'm surprised no one else has looked at this yet, even though nearly 3 weeks have passed since the last comment on it.