[Suggestion] Voters Ender Pearl

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by WayneKramer, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. lol I'd like to see an infinite ender pearl given as a voters streak item. It'll work like an avalauncher basically but it's an ender pearl.

    ps. I know this will never happen but I can dream
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  2. Your ps may be true =P I see pvpers spammin this in any sense, but hey, why not? +1
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  3. Or you can be like me and carry several stacks
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  4. -1

    Would make regular ender pearls obsolete.
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  5. +1 & -1 XD

    +1 Since its a great idea and would be helpful!
    -1 I rarely vote so yeah :p
  6. You couldn't spam it due to the 1.9 ender pearl cool down.
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  7. +1 I'd be in favor. When I'm traveling through the nether enderpearling helps a bunch.
  8. that's the main benefit lol
  9. that's the main benefit lol
  10. +1

    It would give me more motivations to vote! (read: has a vote bonus of 500+ or so and just can't stop voting anyway) :D
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  11. +1, with a total number of throws per day (ex 64 uses each day) it would be balanced, save 4 inventory stacks and remove the problem of losing them when you die. At vote 400+ it's not overpowred.

    In fact EMC might need better rewards if we don't want to get lower than n.24 on topg. It makes me sad everytimes I see a new 'out of nowhere' server being on top of us...
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