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Yey or Ney?

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  1. Yo, I don't do many of these publicly but this one is a community item and would want to see if Ppl want this even. As said in Title, the Voter's Elytra would be a very high tier voter's item in which the user would need to vote to 750 or even 1000 Vote Bonus. It would have all of the Voter's Perks like unbreakable and things like that but I'll just leave it here to see if the community likes the concept of a unbreakable variant of this 1.9 item.

    Leave a comment on what else should be added to the enchants or what the voting bonus should be? Note: Remember this is a suggestion. THIS IS NOT PLANNED
  2. This has been suggested before, but +1 because why not
  3. But I thought you were the planner of all things EMC.
    Also, +1 even though it makes you look like a bug.
  4. Lol
  5. +1 An unbreakable elytra would be EPIC. :D
  6. I'm not sure about 1000 but this would be a nice voters reward to to work toward to after you pass 300 mark and it should have a minimum impact on the Elytra market value with the streak being so high (+600 I assume).
  7. 750 vote steak is fine with me :D
  8. Unbreakable Elytras feels like:

    So I'm up for that +1
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  9. Wait, is that Dwight wearing an Elytra?!?

  10. Just missing the Texans logo.
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  11. I like the idea of spacing out Voter's item rewards over the course of a year, or two at most. I am not sure how long the average player stays here but I think much more than that might discourage many players from trying to collect them. I have heard many stories where players won't leave Town because they die a lot and lose items. The Soulbound property of Voter's items allow a player to more easily recover from deaths. If the point of Voter Items is to get players to vote, then we should reward players in a way that encourages them to stay and play and possibly exceed the average player's time here.

    Something negative I have seen posted often in regard to Elytra is the expectation that we will have many people leaving pillars behind them. I don't think there is a reasonable way to avoid it any more than there is to avoid having people dig around Spawns. One way I have thought of to avoid this is to give someone with a Voter's Elytra the ability to teleport up near sky limit periodically. Maybe once a day. This could be an ability that is only enabled around an Outpost. Each Outpost could also have a spot to lift us when we step on it kind of like the portals we have now except for going up. Or maybe the area around an Outpost could give us extra lift so that we would only need to jump off the edge of one and circle around a bit until we are as high as we want before heading out.
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  13. This has been suggested a few times before, but yeah; I'm all in for it.


    As you can see I already got mine:

    Yes; this picture has also been posted a few times before ;)

    Voters wings has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :)
  14. Shel, that is such a great idea no doubt :D
  15. Shameless one time bump - Anymore opinions?