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Should voter tools be added?

Yes! 24 vote(s) 82.8%
No! 5 vote(s) 17.2%
  1. I think that a set of unbreakable iron stone tools be used as voter tools. They would be similar to the armor with the custom name. Lastly, they would have basic enchants such as efficiency and possibly fortune.
  2. +1 in 4 mins and first.
    Edit-Wiwot have the order be shovel, ax, pick, then sword, after the chest plate, but before the thank you certificate!
    Edit2-I will actually make the set of tools! porphos, PM me for what it should look like (Enchants) and I will make it for you!
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  3. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiis
  4. Yeah just like the armor they should have it for tools
  5. I think they should give the player a voters block after striking 250 or 300 votes in a row.
  6. Off topic :) good idea though
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  7. Then no one would buy any tools once they got it.. unless it wasn't soul bound or if it was stone tools.
  8. I think voting already has god-plenty number of rewards with it. How about named tools be associated with another achievement of sorts? 10k to someone who comes up with a good idea for it (Can be more than one person) *NOTE* Just because I like the idea does not mean it will be added, just stirring the pot; I have an idea, although will let someone else say it first.
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  9. Anybody else hate that the word "lastly" is used in a 2 sentence post?

    But as for the suggestion, I vote no. Voters armor was the cheapest armor but worth to get (because of the enchants and unbreakability). I would rather not have wooden tools that do basically nothing.
  10. Voters Shears.. :)
    What about bows? But then again we have the lucky bow which is soulbound.
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  11. Just to prevent it from being OP, it would have to be stone tools.
  12. I like voter's armor over promo armor is because it does not break. Really want this to be in the game.
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  13. Nope. Wood Tools like Canadians :)
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  14. Make it close to white tools. Stone is the lowest.
  15. I think voter's blocks should remain special.
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  16. A diffrent voter's block?
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  17. I vote a voter's pebble (stone button). how cool would it be if you could wear it somehow and when hovered over it displays the name! I don't know think that is possible though. since buttons are blocks after all; but I could be wrong.
  18. Cool story bro! :)